Thursday, 27 March 2008

Big Brother USA: John you are WRONG!

Big Brother USA was brilliant as usual tonight. It's so much more exciting than the UK version it's untrue. It has moments of real tension and pure shouting-at-the-telly-ness.
I was so happy James got off the block, but unfortunately this meant Chelsia was doomed. She dealt with it exactly as I would, by throwing a massive hissy fit and telling everyone exactly what she thought of them. I loved it!
James was a complete div to distance himself from her and not give her his vote, considering he's meant to be in love with her. I was quite disappointed with him. He was being a bit obnoxious really. It's a massive shame Chelsia has gone, she was really cool. Being voted out for being 'a potty mouth' is admirable. I loved it when she gave them one-liners about what pricks they were as she left. I would totally have done that too. As for Natalie saying 'my family would disown me if I acted like that'- wait until they see you giving Matty a blowjob on the second night, you god-bothering, goblin faced doink! I wanted to punch her when she told Chelsia she'd pray for her. Don't bother, you boggle-eyed moron. You're going to burn in hell for what you've done according to the bible which you keep preaching from. John, how can you even LIKE her??? She thought Alzheimers was called 'all-timers' and it wasn't even cute like when Chantelle was thick. I am going to use my blog to personally attack you until you change your ways! You have been warned.
Joshuah was brilliant as usual, an evil genius. He's totally dastardly! And Ryan backed him up. Hilarious.
So will Chelsia and James live happily ever after? Not likely after she sees his deadpan gay porno. Personally, I've been more aroused by episodes of Coronation Street.
It was a complete and utter disaster that Natalie won Head of Household, now all the goodies are going to be knocked out one by one and we get stuck looking at Sheila's turkey neck and Ryan's Desperate Dan chin. Still, it will be fun to see them turn on each other in the end, preferably with large sticks.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I shouted at the telly too - in fact it was a woop and a little jig, right after Natalie won HOH. Btw I don't approve of all the shameless plugging for that bloody movie, whose name I won't even type as it's had enough advertising tonight as it is.

Buh-bye Chelsia! Chelsia always had a bit of Grace (UK BB7) in her face. For the first two weeks I had to keep reminding myself that Chelsia's actually one of the good people. However, tonight Graceface was completely on show - from the easter massacre to the stormy eviction. The only thing missing from it all was a glass of water dashed at an old lady (Sheila?)

For the record Adam putting Chelsia and James up in the first place was SO just - James's official reason for putting Matty up was to break up a power couple, so Adam threw that back in his face giving the exact same reason and suddenly it's so unfair and spineless? Boo and hoo. James is a twerp, and getting twerpier every week.

I think I've figured why we have such hatred for eachother's favourites - we see them as bad examples of who we are. I think Natalie's puppy-like obedience for all things Matty has riled the feminist in you, while Joshuah's queeny outbursts and general faggotry comes across to me as bait for queer bashers. Natalie's devotion to Matty was certainly embarassing, and I can't say she was an early favourite. However, what I LOVE about her now is how her need to avenge Matty has created a fab game-player - 'Natalia'. Sure her game spirit may come from the misconception that Matty's waiting outside with a pearly pearly grin, but whatever - she's playing for my favourite side and her game is ON!

I don't how you can consider Ryan, Sheila, Adam and Natalie the "evil" side - there's James who can't keep his word and backstabs his girlfriend (the only person who's faithfully supported him); Joshuah who's no better than Matty in how he whores around fake friendships for his own protection (not to mention how he mocks and bitches about 'partner' Sharon in the diary room, which isn't that dissimilar to Matty's treatment of Natalie either); Sharon's not particularly evil, but then again neither is a piece of stale toast.

Hurrah for HOH Natalia! Buh-bye Joshuah!


lightupvirginmary said...

omg I forgot about the plugging- it was obscene! 'That was the greatest movie I've ever seen!' Vomit.
Chelsia does NOT look like horse-face Grace!!! Chelsia was pretty! I loved it when Grace threw the water though, proper class. I think it's people's duty to go out with a BANG!
John, your argument was quite convincing, I hate you. For the record, I do like Adam. I think he flits between sides quite effectively.
What you're forgetting is that 'my side' (with the exception of Sharon) is all about the entertainment! James and Joshua are top quality characters. Shelia and Natalie are irritants! If Natalie mentions God one more time I'd ram that bible right up her arse.