Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Rock Rivals

I kinda liked the first series of Footballers Wives (what of it?) so I thought I'd give this a whirl. It's a drama based on X Factor, basically. But is blurring the lines between reality TV and drama really good for society? People are deranged as it is. People already think soap stars are real people. Things took a turn for the worst within the first five minutes with someone with an effigy of one of the contestants in their living room. Then another contestant slashed her arm on the Xtra Factor (or whatever they've called it). I wish someone would do that in front of Fearne (or to her). And just to confuse the mentally ill more, the main 'contestant' even looks and talks a bit like Shayne Ward. Let's not even mention the blind Shaun Ryder guy.
Unfortunately that dead bloke off Corrie has none of the charm of Cowell. And his teeth aren't white enough. Cindy Beale aint fit to shine Sharon's shoes.
What is really puzzling me is the title. Rock Rivals? Where's the RAWK? It's a disappointing misnomer that only a couple of Guns N Roses cover versions can salvage.
And who's that woman who looks a bit like kathy burke but isn't? I get a soap/ kids show related memory but I can't quite place her.
Oh my god, one of the contestants is called Angel Islington. It's all too silly.


Red said...

I saw this in the TV paper and thought of you. But I didn't watch it.

* (asterisk) said...


lightupvirginmary said...

It was shit, it has to be said.