Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Baby Bible Bashers

I finally watched it! Thanks Red & Asterisk. It's good to have friends who know your taste so well, and it's good to have repeats so you can finally catch this stuff. Thanks Channel 4.
So, Baby Bible Bashers. Oh dear. Two things in one title that I'm frightened of. It's about an appealing a prospect as Monster Dog Shit.
There is something terrifying about religious children. It's bad enough when they do a dance or sing a song or something. But sermons?! One of these kids, Samuel, was described as a seven year old 'evangelist'. He started preaching at 3. About abortion. He's like a walking advert for it. Just put him in front of a Spongebob Squarepants cartoon, you fucking cruel bastards. Make no mistake about it- this is child abuse. I can only imagine what Richard Dawkins would make of it.
It's bad enough when a MAN is preaching about abortion, but a child? What the hell does he know about it? Nothing, obviously. This is some sick shit. Then the dad said 'God uses animals. A donkey spoke and saved a man's life.' What?! Which donkey? Little donkey? Didn't he just go on a backbreaking journey? Fucking hell, man, how can you reason with people who think animals talk!? You'd probably get more sense out of the donkey.
The 'donkey' parents as I like to call them, also enjoyed beating the shit out of their child- but only with the cameras off. Yummy.
Apparently another preaching kiddywink Terry's first word was 'Hallelujah.' Yeah... and mine was Morrissey. He can cure anything from depression to cancer. Cool. Best put him in a lab them. Best string him up.
Ah but then the real truth is revealed. His dad says 'Terry is being groomed to be a man of God.' What he means is, 'we're selling T-shirts with his name on.' As usual it's all about money, money, money. Money and power. That's all it is. It's nothing to do with love. It's nothing to do with 'god'.
The final BBB was a Brazilian girl called Anna. She was just her dad's puppet. They're always shouting aren't they, these God botherers? They never preach quietly and unobtrusively. It's all 'lake of fire' this, and 'worms eating you in hell' that. Why do they care if I go to hell?
Her dad was in prison, and a self-confessed wife beater! It's always the dodgy fuckers isn't it, telling you how to live. Why do people care what other people do? I don't care if you inject heroin into your eyeballs as long as you don't hurt anyone else, or any animals in the process. How people choose to live their lives is their business.
Taking your child to get abused on the streets of New York City is child abuse. Taking a child to watch his father being sworn at on the streets of NYC is child abuse. Forcing your child to give out leaflets about something they don't understand is child abuse. Forcing a child to wear a sign the do not understand is child abuse. Making your child so different no one will ever befriend him at school is child abuse. Indoctrinating your child with religious beliefs is child abuse.
Just one look at his little face was enough to tell a thousand stories. But the donkey dad was too fucking stupid to see it.
Go to hell. Amen.


Red said...

"He started preaching at 3. About abortion. He's like a walking advert for it."

I think Aste and I looked at each other and said those exact same words while we were watching it!

I feel kinda bad for that kid now, because obviously he's just being horribly, horribly manipulated by his fuckwitted parents. But you know, in 15 years' time, he may well start petrol-bombing abortion clinics. So really, there should be no pity.

I loved it when that guy in NY said to the father, "You know what's going to burn in hell? The south is going to burn in hell, and the racist bigots who live in it!"

* (asterisk) said...

Man, it was so bad... And all the parents were ex-crims or ex-alcoholics. It's always the "born agains" that're the worst, isn't it. That Brazilian dude and his daughter: creepy paedo and girl with Daddy fixation, more like. While poor ol' mum turns a blind eye and irons and cooks and cleans.

Freaky freaky freaky bastards, the lot of them.

Glad you "enjoyed" it, though. You probably spent half the show with your chin on the floor, like we did.

lightupvirginmary said...

oddly, I wasnt that shocked. I think that Louis Theroux where he met that family that picketed funerals just about took away any shockability factor there was left in me.