Tuesday, 12 February 2008

TV Round Up: Bin Raiders!

I've been watching a bit of anything and everything lately but nothing enough to write a whole blog about so I'm just going to do a general mash-up.
Obviously I've been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I already saw them online. Still, a consistent joy. I've also really been enjoying Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares; god knows why, I hate good food so I must just love shouting. I am also alway loving American Idol, Deal or No Deal and Harry Hill's V Burp.
I've also got into watching a zillion episodes of Maury. Bloody hell, are they ever about ANYTHING than paternity tests? Where are the progerianoids when you need them? There was one woman who tested NINE men to be her baby's father and still didn't find him. Nine! It should be two at an absolute MAXIMUM. And even if it's two, just abort for God's sake. Maury's alright though, he's nice and crinkly. On a further talk-show tip, I've watched a couple of Nothing But The Truth's with Jerry Springer. That's kind of stupid and annoying. The lie detector senses you are lying! If lie detectors are so bloody accurate we'd have no need for a court of law.
Today for the first time ever I watched The Real Hustle, which I thought was pretty good in a Derren Brown meets Trigger Happy sort of a way. They are not showing you how to AVOID being conned, they are showing YOU how to con people. Cool.
Wife Swap is just going to drastic levels this year, Sunday's episode saw a millionaire who lived in what looked like a comedy haunted house swap with some Christian Bin Raiders! Yes that is as disgusting as it sounds. They'll never top Lizzie Bardsley so they may as well just forget it.
Soaps! Corrie's been alright, enjoyed the wedding fiasco. He shouldn't have married dopey Maria. I quite fancy Ryan, the school boy, which is a worry. Not so keen on the other son, and he looks about five years older. Stick with Ryan, Michelle. I quite like Hearsay woman. She's alright.
Enderz. Is it just me or has Tanya suddenly got 12 billion times sexier than she used to be? She looks two stone lighter. I still would with Sean. Max= the fatther who must be killed. The following characters need to be sacked: Stephen (in fact all of Ians kids) Yolande, the postman, the postman's nagging bint of a wife, STACEY'S MUM, Gus (wife beater), Chelsea, that bloke with the chav kid, Max's bratty daughter, Mickey and that new girl who keeps gurning over people's shoulders. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Gus is already on his way out! I love Yolande. Chelsea too, she needs a good storyline. The Branning children are shit. Ian's kids are too, except for Lucy who did a really good bitch turn last year. Mickey's had his day. Eastenders can't do asian families. And I LOVE the return of Claire (the new girl), it's so random but works quite interestingly. And Stacy's mum has got it goin' on, etc etc.


lightupvirginmary said...

Yolande- zzzzz. Chelsea- can't act. The asian kids are OK, it's just the parents who are goddawful. That woman is just so irritating. Apart from that I think it's picked up a bit lately. :-)

* (asterisk) said...

So, EastEnders is still on telly, is it? Who knew?

Did you see Baby Bible Bashers? Say you did!

lightupvirginmary said...

no I didn't! what channel was it? will the repeat it? I would watch it. I love that stuff that makes your blood boil.

* (asterisk) said...

It was on C4, I think. Insane. Oddly, though, not as scary as the End Of The World Bus Tour, on BBC2. Crazy Christians who go on holiday to Israel and help out at Israeli Army bases and would rather spend their money in the hotel shop than buy anything that might be made by a Muslim.

Quite the double-bill, it was!

Might be able to hook you up if I still have them on DVR.