Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Kizzy: Mum at 14

God bless BBC3. I love all this shit. The tale of a 14 year old pregnant girl's video diary. Kizzy! Cool name too.
Her brother: 'are you scared?' Her: 'no.' That's an alarm bell right there. Every pregnant mum should be scared. It's only normal.
Being pregnant scares the shit out of me. You have to rub cream into your bulging stomach. You have to have electrodes strapped to your back to administer 'pain relief'. Your body becomes public property. Then a screaming human is ripped from your insides. This is frightening enough for an adult, let alone a teenage girl.
Lucky Kizzy had a 20 hour labour. You'll never get those 20 hours back. She also had 80 stitches! Yum! Sign me up for some of that shit. She said it was the best moment of her life, but knowing my luck I'd think 'oh my god, what the fuck have I done?'
It's a bit of a design flaw for the human race that the more educated you are, the less likely you are to have a baby. So it's thick genes generally getting spread around.
Talking of thick genes, there was then some well-thought out rhetoric from her dad, so pleased his underage daughter gave birth at 14 and didn't abort. 'It should be against all human feeling to kill an unborn child. We should be ashamed of ourselves.' Oh yes, much better for 14 year olds to give birth, despite having nothing to teach a child, and no 'father figure' (I use that term loosely, what kind of father can a teenage boy be anyway). Much better for women to be forced to give birth against their will. What was I thinking?!
This programme got damn boring towards the end, so I'd give it a miss. But you probably weren't going to watch it anyway.
Oh yeah, Im going to be reading at this event on Thursday, so come on down friendly neighbourhood stalkers. Actually, no don't. I'm scared enough reading in front of a couple of grannies. I didn't even get on the poster this time. Jibbed or what?


Red said...

If I ruled the world I would make it so that if you get pregnant before you're 21 and gainfully employed, your baby is taken from you and given up for adoption. And then I sterilize you. Mwah-hahaha! One strike, you're out, baby, and you lose your right to reproduce any more spazmos like you.

lightupvirginmary said...

I find it quite hilarious that the adoption procedure is so stringent when any halfwit can breed.
And does.

Anonymous said...

heya i also had my little girl at 14 and it was hard but people like you dont exactly help situations dont you think that teenage mothers go through enough of a hard time. and i disagree with you about her dad his daughter kirsty died from cot death so thats why they didnt want kizzy to have an abortion my mum and dad said it was up to me completly but i chose to keep my baby.

lightupvirginmary said...

I wasn't being particularly judgemental! I'm a feminist so I'm hardly against teenage mothers. But don't you think it's better to get some life experience first? And to live a bit first?