Thursday, 7 February 2008

Film Review: Cloverfield

Going to the cinema these days feels about as relevant setting your video to tape TFI Friday. Like visiting Blockbusters or HMV, you can hear the death knell ringing. Which is sad. I quite like the cinema. Especially on Orange Wednesdays.
Hint- arrive late and you can miss the awful, patronising advert about being respectful on the bus (and telling men to give up their seat for women! Do women not have legs too?) Oh and that advert where it's the woman's fault the bloke crashes his car. No, HE'S the one driving, you sexist pigs so fuck off.
Yes, arrive late for all that, and you might find yourself watching Cloverfield, as I did last night. And it was DAMN good! A proper monster horror. There is just the right amount of getting to know the characters and finding them a bit irritating at the start before the Statue of Liberty gets her head ripped off. And I'm only telling you that bit cos it's in the trailer.
My main worry was that we wouldn't get to see the monster, or the monster would be shit. But the monster was amazing! Really scary and great special effects. I was expecting a godzilla-esque thing, not an alien/spider/dinosaur doodah. The film races along at great pace, but let's you stop for breath on occasion, which is welcomed. Definite shades of 28 Days Later, and all other zombie/ monster/ disaster movies. The hand held camera thing seems annoying at first, but it quite effective as the film progresses, in a Blair Witch style.
Go see this at the cinema, it won't be as good on your laptop. Keep the cinema alive (not Blockbusters though- they're finished).
Oh and there's nothing at the end of the end credits as rumoured- we sat through them. Some hilarious names though. I particularly liked Leffert Lefferts.


Cynnie said...

I get pukey easily ..
i've heard it can make wimps like me a bit sick..

but i want to see it soooo badly!!

* (asterisk) said...

I like shaky cam, but I'm just not sure I'm bothered by this. Maybe. Even if it sucks, at least it's short, right?