Thursday, 21 February 2008

Documentary: The Street

I wouldn't have watched this but I saw a bit of it on Richard and Judy (as usual!) and it looked interesting. It is basically a documentary on what goes on in one street in London. The film maker decided to find out what goes on behind closed doors on her street.
It was quite unbelievable how many different interesting things were going on in one street. Every house told a story. The poverty divide seemed the most obvious difference. Considering people are living on the same street, some people were living very affluent lives, quite posh, and owning the whole property; whereas other houses on the street were converted flats, full of Kiwis, or NOT full of lonely old men.
Probably the most striking story was of this poor 25 year old guy with Tourettes who lived all alone, in squalor. His life was an absolute living nightmare. There are no other words for it. He died. I think he probably killed himself.
Similarly the old 91-year-old Polish guy had no one. He'd lived in the street for 50 years and knew no one. So presumably if he died, he'd just rot. It's just awful to be old and to have no one. I's awful to be old and in a home too. Do these health freaks think about that? I'll just keep eating shit and pray for a heart attack at 60.
There was also this drug smuggling schizophrenic. He said the voices in his head were 'tedious'. Haha. I think I fear voices in my head on about the same level as being trampled to death. Which is quite a lot.
The stories of the nuclear families seemed utterly dull in comparison, not really real. he posh family being annoyed by the drunken Kiwis was quite amusing. I'd hate living next to either party, really. Antipodeans who just come here to party are everywhere in London, but really, really dull. How many nights can you get drunk before you start to get bored? Quite a lot, apparently.
I wonder if all the people on the street now say 'hi' now they know loads of stuff about each other. It must be weird, knowing what goes on. I like knowing what goes on, but I kind of like not knowing what's going on too.

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* (asterisk) said...

It wasn't totally clear whether that Tourette's guy killed himself. I half-wondered whether he'd had one of those mad ticking fits so bad that he just never came out of it. Kind of like exhausted himself to death. I dunno. Sad, though.