Monday, 18 February 2008

Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love

Here we go again. Did Kerry not see Jodie Marsh's MTV show? They don't exactly show you in a flattering light, do they? It doesn't make good TV to show you as lovely and kind and sweet, does it?
I used to read OK because I found it mildly amusing, but I've given it up because I hate all that fucking sycophantic 'this is what you should be- a WAG or a fucking glamour model. Happiness lies in diets or handbags.' That's not what girls should aspire to. It's very damaging to females. I will read about celebrities online, where they are treated with the disdain they deserve, but I won't pay to support the likes of Jordan and Katona. Fuck all that 'good businesswoman' bullshit- they are hard-faced nutjobs. They have sold every single part of their lives. It's not a job- it's a pact with the devil (and don't even get me started on those 'novels').
Kerry looked full on retarded at the beginning of the show. I don't buy the whole 'I gurn because I've got bi-polar' thing, she wasn't chewing her face off in the jungle, was she? Something is missing, isn't it? You can see shades of her former persona sometimes, she looks quite vulnerable at times, and really young. But then other times she could be about 45. Oddly, I thought she looked alright in her undies for the shoot- she's got better legs than me.
And as for that man- well he's just exploiting her. He's vile. Their smutty banter is just stomach churning. I can't even look at him and I'm not going to write his name. She had to buy him a Ferrari because he knocked her up? What the fuck? Get him his cards. If he hasn't ditched her and sold a story by 2010 I will eat my words; literally, I'll print off this page of the blog and fucking eat it. The only couple I can think of with less credibility is Britney and Adnan.
I also hate the way Kerry always harps on about drugs and how she hasn't done them in so long, when she lied about doing them in the first place! How can you believe a word she says? And when she says 'I'm always at home' as if a woman who dares go out on the town is automatically cheating or doing drugs. It's not the 50s, Kerry, you are allowed out the front door, you are allowed to go to a nightclub.
And why does she read the papers when they just print lies? Why would you read them and drive yourself mad? It's insanity. Just ignore them.
Bottom line is, take Brian McFadden's cash away and they are just any other chavs off the council estate. The house is horrible in every way too.
PS. Kerry Katona even had THE Ikea lamp! Just like me and all those people on Wife Swap. The glamour!

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