Thursday, 14 January 2016

Celebrity Big Brother 2016: 'I'm casting for Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4'

I am so angry about Big Brother at the moment. Last night's live feed was an abomination. Whoever put Megan in the house, is despicable, worse than Donald Trump. She is an alcoholic skank, and if skank is sexist, then I'm a sexist cos she's a skank. And Scotty T is a whore. There you go, I evened it out. Who thought putting Ratatouille's answer to Princess Anne in the house was a good idea.
I'm also annoyed I can't do the podcast and won't be able to for a few days. My Big Brother stars are not aligned. Without Jonathan, what's the point? He actually did a really good interview on the Lorraine show and came across quite normal. He described David Gest as 'looking like he has rigor mortis anyway.' Ha.
Tiffany: 'I don't have puppet tendencies. I played the puppet game.' Big Brother isn't really taking any shit this year. He's like, 'whatever, jog on.' Ha, 'jog on' always reminds me of Saskia and Maxwell. 'Jog on' probably isn't still going anymore.
Gemma is such a wooden spoon. I wish she would matchmake her own coffin.
SHIT STIR TASK. Who said what about who, ha. This is going to go well. I love the way Nancy doesn't give a shit.
Ha, they said Tiffany said she was sexually attracted to Jeremy, haha.Tiffany is embarrassed and shouting again. 'I wanted to fuck you the minute I saw you. I did want some of that. But I didn't want people to know that.' Er.
Ha, Jeremy denying the 'it's more than friends, it's obvious quote' and trying to put it on Scotty T and Megan. Stephanie: 'Thanks for ruining my relationship, Big Brother.' Is it the editing?
Tiffany not happy about the shoes. SHOE RAGE. 'I don't need your fucking shoes, I don't need shit from you, bitch.'
Kristina is a blatant racist, as just pointed out by Victor Ebuwa. 'Go back to the states' sounds like what Jade said to Shilpa. Also, Kristina doesn't mind all these other bitches shouting, just the black woman. Why don't you go back to Russia, I might say, if I was a racist.
Jeremy: 'Everybody needs to calm the fuck down.' When a black woman says that (Toya) she gets evicted.  RACISM SECTION.
Stephanie: 'I thought I was an alright person, but I'm obviously not.' Correct. You're an arse.
Tiffany: 'I hope Gemma goes home tomorrow so I can turn on her on the way out. She is a fat cunt.'
Why are they filming Tiffany so close up in the DR? 'Old maiden type of shoes. Gemma is a disgrace to humanity and women.' True. 'Someone lied to her and told her she was sexy.' Hahaha! Ouch.
Jeremy is dumping Stephanie now and she's crying. God, I hope they both go tomorrow, and take their cue cards with them.
Gemma 'doesn't want to play anymore games.' You're in Big Brother, bitch, the whole thing's a game. It's only a gameshow, etc. Gemma: 'It's like working for 2 days on the trot.' Ha.
So they've lost the luxury budget but they have a chance to win it somehow (I'm not sure of the rules and stuff). There's buttons involved. Send in Conor/ Marlon.
Megan is obsessed with food and alcohol. She should be in the Kardashians. Gemma: 'It's all a fix.' Finally someone in the house says it, ha.
Megan kicking off about beer now.
David Gest is after Rylan's hair, lol. Gest needs more airtime.
Megan is a spoilt little runt, she wins the task, she's still not happy. What does make it happy? Fucking on telly while her granddad died, that's about it, I hear.
Stephanie: 'Thank you Big Brother for ruining my relationship. I'm a working class, down to earth girl.' But what about when she ripped up that picture of the Pope?
So what was the following argument about? Does anyone know? Why is Megan so angry all the time? 'I clean your shit up!' Clean the shit out of your mouth, you dirty fucking rat. Gemma: 'She's a sweet thing.' Er.
Megan is actually mentally deranged. How many drinks did she have? One and a half? This fucking twat will probably win it. I thought her neck vein was gonna pop. Her neck vein has just become the housemate replacing Jonathan. 
John is getting the hump with Megan. Megan's days are numbered cos John is a true gamer. Hold on, is Megan sticking up for Tiffany?
'MY NAME IS JOHN NOT JONATHAN.' Yeah cos Jonathan was entertaining. John is upset at the suggestion he shits on the toilet seat, I think.
Megan 'respects people on a serious level.' She is breaking my volume control. Truly a scary young woman.
Megan is deranged. She's sticking up for Tiffany and Tiffany still wants to knock her block off. Good people skills.
This is less fight night, and more fright night. She came for John, even though he didn't send for her, ha.
I love the fact Tiffany is like 'she's just dranken too much' even though Megan was just shouting in her face. Tiffany knows. She knows the game.
I love the fact Stephanie is still going on in the diary room while all this crap goes on and then Big Brother kicks her out, many lols.
Gemma then STOKES UP the Megan insanity hating on John. Megan: 'Fuck off, you little cunt.' She is the only person I hate for saying the word 'cunt.' I love David Gest in the middle.
'He looks at me like I'm a piece of shit.' A piece of shit is more appealing. 'Your fucking eyebrows pointing at me like that.' WTF. It's like they put Nikki Grahame in a blender with the fuckin' HULK. She IS possessed! Except this time Kristina is laughing cos it's not a black woman kicking off.
Jeremy thinkings this is a good time to brush his teeth, I note.
Why does Gemma think this is a good time to tell Darren he's got no balls? Why is everyone always on Darren's case?! Poor sod.
When Megan said 'If I told you to calm down in a Geordie Shore moment' to Scotty, I think that said it all. She's probably been paid to act like this on day X.
Megan: 'Tiffany is licking the shit out of John's arsehole!' Then she comes to the DR. I have a headache at this point. Big Brother is quite pissed off with Megan. Maybe you shouldn't have cast this demented rat? Just a thought. Put some clothes on, Megan.
Tiffany: 'Gemma is just trash. She likes drama.'
Oh Ok, so Stephanie is getting off with Jeremy now. Well I guess that clears that up. NOT A NICE PERSON. Ha. She should have just fucked him or at least slept in bed with him. No point getting dumped for just a snog. In for a penny, in for a pound!
Gemma: 'Megan has done nothing wrong with what she's said this evening, trust me.' Er... no.
Megan, don't fuck with the fixtures and fittings, bitch. OMG security have come in to remove Megan from the DR! BUT THEY DIDN'T EJECT HER! WHAT THE FUCK! Aaron Frew got the boot for a bit of hi-jinks and they're letting this thing act like this? Absolutely disgusting. I am appalled. Also 'ghetto cunt'. RACIST. GROSS. I feel sick.


Unknown said...

C5 need to eject Megan. She's not right in the head , heart & she's nasty the way she rages . If big bro don't kick her out then something seriously wrong there .
Who the fuck does Gemma thinks she is ? She don't want to do the task , ohh poor me me me . Not about you Gemma.
Why bother giving Tiffanny a pair of shoes and wanting it and taking it back . That should be Tiffany property . Shows her true colours Gemma .
Why did Gemma wanted the shoes away from her in the 1st place .
Last night was the time to extend the live feed . We not going to get live feed as we demand .
Do the housemates take it in turns to be unwell and have permission to rest in a separate room .
Anyway keep on blogging . And I look forward to the pod whenever that will be .

CoolArif a.k.a Arif

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