Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Big Brother 2011 - Let's not talk about the hairdryer anymore

I've never seen such an argumentative last week! And for that we must be grateful. The last week is normally boring. We've got sex, flirtations, strops, rows. It's been quite a good series really, despite it's production faults, live feed lack, biased BOTS and so on. Actually, BOTS has been quite enjoyable, too. I like Holy Moly dude now, Victor's been pretty good, and there have been some other cool maverick guests ie. Pete Burns and Lauren Harries.
I don't actually think Jay and Louise were 'sly', but I do think they bought the present for the cameras. I can't believe people are threatening to leave in the final week, it's ace!
Jay looks so rough compared to when he went in the house! He actually looks quite handsome in those old videos before he went in, if you can believe I'm saying that. LOL Aaron has spoken for a nation and mentioned price-tag gate. That's going to get back to Louise quick smart.
Aaron is one of those obsessive tea makers, isn't he? I had a boyfriend like that once. It didn't last.
Go on Louise, string a sentence together, put up a fight. Go on, I dare you. Tom looks like wants to disappear. Jay: 'I'm not going to shake your hand.' Aaron: 'do you think I want that?'
Jay: 'what you see is what you get'. Can I have a refund, then?
Oh Jay. You kept yourself together quite well so far. You're really fucking yourself right up the arse right now. Aaron does seem a bit beleaguered. Maybe he just needed telling. Is he listening?! I think he's listening. What is a 'radge'?
I'm not sure I like it when they get makeovers before they leave, I kind of like it when they walk out all fat, bursting out of their eviction dress with five inches of black roots. It tells a story!
Louise isn't going to talk about Aaron anymore because he's fucking up their game bad. Happy, happy house!
My boyfriend said Aaron looks like an old queen getting his pubes waxed. What is Aaron thinking! Waxing is the work of the devil. I tried waxing my legs once and it made me cry. Never again. Are Aaron's pubes ginger or is that the wax?!
Why would you bother threading your armpits? Haven't you heard of a disposable razor? It's painless!
I like Jay's make-up sentence: 'how's your dick?' Aaron looks like a refugee stumbling around. Why is Jay still bothering? I'd tell Aaron to stick it up his arse. My boyfriend just said 'That cunt does not give an inch.' about Aaron and he's right! Jay said sorry and Aaron didn't! Haha, those principles are a get out clause for anything, aren't they? I must get some!
I hate Lee Stafford! Obv. Would you trust a man with that hairdo? I am looking forward to the makeovers, despite myself. Aaron's hair looks the same! No, actually a little worse.
I'm not sure about that fringe on Louise. I LOVE fringes, and I think they suit almost everyone, but I don't know if it's for her. I like Alex's blonde but not sure about the curls, they're a bit dated, like Josie when she got her makeover after BB and they made her look bloody awful.
Not a good sign when your boyfriend goes about your hair: 'Do you like it?'
LOL to the photographer forcing Aaron and Jay to cuddle. I want that OK magazine, haha. Kerching!
Aw that's too cute Tom telling Alex she looks nice. Jay is 'coming to terms with Louise's new look'. LOL. 'Cute': another not good word from your boyfriend.
Jay on Louise's arse: 'you could eat your dinner off it.' Ha. I'm sure he will.
I like Alex's leopard print cardigan! Where's that from? What's Tom having a strop about? Being generic? He should enjoy those questions while they last, no one will be interested when he's out. I liked the way Big Brother dismissed him from the DR.
WTF is up with Tom? Is he after some airtime? Is it because he's taking being a housemate for granted? Aaron and Jay both look twitchy as Tom steals the limelight.
Eek this Diary Room strop is hilarious! 'Let's not talk about the hairdryer anymore' brilliant, it's like he and Big Brother are having a marital. Big Brother shouldn't laugh and joke with Tom! Boo. Big Brother should be formal! Tom IS shallow, cheered up by a pop song. BB was right about you all along. Tom IS vapid, but I like him.
I don't think Aaron should stir up that Alex and Tom pot so close to the end. My boyfriend just said 'Did Aaron say 'Tom is like Dappy and Justin Beiber rolled into one' to his face?'
Alex's roots look yellow under her ponytail. Remind me not to go to Lee Stafford. I prefer Headlites on Holloway Road, they do my bleach job just right and just white!
What's that sparkly flat cap Jay's got on? He looks like an absolute tool. I prefer Aaron's Noel Edmonds beard. Jay is actually giving Aaron good advice if only Aaron would listen.
Aaron's 'cancelling each other out' comment was interesting. He has been thinking, hasn't he? I reckon that spiteful git would be pleased to cancel Jay out. But I still like Aaron, I can't help it.
Tom saying 'you're so pretty' was slightly 'cancelled out' by 'you're pretty to me anyway' but it still made me blub. The way they look at each other is like no look I've ever seen between Faye and Aaron or Louise and Jay.
PS: my favourite Digital Spy thread of the day: 'Do you think Louise looks happy with her scat-obsessed thug?' Props.

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