Thursday, 10 November 2011

Big Brother 2011 - I saw her at auditions and thought 'for fuck's sake'

Will there be a shocker tonight, or will it be Louise or Tom as predicted? I'd LOVE it to be Jay, just to see his thick little face drop.
Brian looks fat again! You really can barely tell him and Eamonn Holmes apart these days. It's hard to say which one's insulting rape victims and which one is too busy championing fridge shits. Every since Louise said she bought her teeth, I've been thinking how unnaturally large they look. It's like Brandon Flowers all over again. But I'd never noticed before she mentioned it! Aaron looks like he's got make-up on.
Jay is obsessed with Aaron! 'Why isn't he working for MI.... whatever?' You were nearly there, Jay. So nearly there. A bit like in the final.
Louise is a dirty bugger, even I have a bath every day and I'm a lazy cunt. Louise's mum! Where did Louise get her looks from. (Sorry, a bit mean) Why is Aaron getting booed so bad? It's just more fuel for the Facebook voters!
Alex's thicko act is wearing a bit thin on me tonight. I don't know why because she doesn't normally get on my nerves. My boyfriend thinks perhaps she's believing her own hype from something she's seen on BOTS or something. Louise, what sort of idiot 'sets out to be myself'? That's just called waking up in the morning.
LOL to Aaron correcting Jay's grammar on 'your my hero'. There's a few more votes for him. That won him a round of applause in virginmary manor.
Jesus, it aint that hard to open a bottle of champs. Or bucks fizz, as the case may be. Thought Alex didn't drink? Fuck those people who don't drink. They're either right boring bastards of they've had to stop because they've knocked someone's teeth out. Either way, not a good thing.
Brian: 'really good crowd tonight' - yes, shipped right down from Newcastle!
BOTS was quite good yesterday, especially Aaron's mental friend sarcastically slagging off Aaron. Misjudged! Aaron knew it was BOTS immediately! He's even talking 'VT's! It is morally wrong to show them BOTS, though. But it was a very entertaining episode.
Alex and Tom outed! Accidental smooch! Aaron knows about those, doesn't he? I liked it when Tom said it was on purpose.
Alex's roots are a NIGHTMARE! The dreaded stripe. I can even see a dark bit they've missed underneath. I'd cry if they fucked my hair up like that. She should ask for her money back. Oh. That's my worst nightmare when I get my roots done, so my hairdresser leaves the bleach on for an hour. Itchy but effective.
Oh, no, Tom evicted. Sad face. I like Tom's little outfit, he looks like Mr Tumnus. Loved him saying 'win it for me, Alex' when he left. The security guard isn't helping him as well as he did Faye! I liked it when he escorted Faye down and she looked all happy, it was cute.
Anyone would think Tom was being dragged off to the gallows the way Alex is acting. Loving Tom saying 'safe' to the crowd. I haven't heard that in about 15 years. Him and Alex's highlights were cute. Pressing the diary room button and running away was funny.
Tom was great in his interview. I thought he was hilarious. God, I thought he was such a twat when he went in but he's actually a decent, silly guy.
Is it up to us who wins? Is it really, Brian? Is it really? If you want to make Brian squirm tomorrow, vote Aaron FTW. You know it makes sense. Alex has already won in some ways. And Jay and Louise can both go shit in a bucket. See you tomorrow!

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