Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Big Brother 2011 - I'll just sit wet *sniffle*

Louise goes to bed with a full face of make-up I see. She's probably one of those girls who gets up eight hours early so her boyfriend never sees her without her make-up on.
When they mentioned a rule break I thought they were going to tell Jay off for threatening Aaron with violence, but no.
Why are they playing Aphex Twin over the Aaron and Jay 'tension' ie. them both starting into the distance? Is Jay allowed to say he'll 'kick the life out of someone' in the DR? Apparently so.
Jay's list of fun: 'kick someone's head in. Shit in a kettle. Chew someone's head off.' The end. How does one shit in a kettle? Do they go down the spout? Remind me not to accept a cup of tea round Jay's manor.
Jay's Wolfpack stripes are showing! Why doesn't he go have one of his sauna chats with Aaron about marine biology? Oh, I know. He's exhausted all his material.
How much does Tom eat? His arms look about as wide as my fingers.
How many times can Aaron 'lose all respect' for someone? Once it's gone, it's gone.
Aaron lied on his audition tape! Kick him out. Quick. 'Sell my soul'?! What about his precious principles! Turncoat.
I can kind of understand Aaron getting annoyed with the inane chat. But what the fuck did he expect on Big Brother?
Oh BB is finally giving Jay a tell off! Well done, BB. Jay: 'my behaviour is not acceptable here.' It's not acceptable anywhere, you fucking animal. Grotesque thuggy, disgusting pig with a little fawning limpet girlfriend.
I reckon it's Anton and Aden in those clown suits. Balloooooooooooons! That task was a bit borin'.
Smoking truce!
Bloody hell, Tom and Alex were born in the 90s. I am ancient!
I liked those mayhem highlights, especially Jay picking up Tom and throwing him, that was quite funny. Louise sleeping doesn't seem so interesting. Chuck that boring bitch out.
Jay's boot camp! I like Aaron pretending to sulk and then laughing. He's such a spoilsport! Plus he was wearing that t-shirt yesterday.
Aaron is not going to have 'orders barked at him by that chump'. '5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, fucking run round again.' Lol. Get that man a fitness video. Jay should come in and start shouting at Aaron and force him to do sit ups.
Alex should get Aaron to wipe her bum. Indignity task!
I wondered what Jay was doing when he was barging into the bedroom door like a particularly thick bull. The man's an idiot. It's like him and Aaron are having a competition to see who can wreck their game the most effectively at the final hurdle.
Where did Jay get that towel from?! At least he ate before he went for his cry. He can't go and cry under the covers like Nasty Nick cos they won't let him in the bedroom. Instead he's gotta have a little cry under the hand towel.
Oh Big Brother, let Jay have his blub in peace. Jay looks like the woman who has her face ripped off by a chimp with that towel over his head.
I bet Louise doesn't like men who cry. Too soft, innit, Big Brother!
Why is Big Brother still keeping the bedroom locked like a bastard? Jay should just stay in there. Why doesn't he just get a duvet cover and lie outside?
OMG Jay's favourite song is AWFUL. That makes me want to vomit! LOL is he going to batter Aaron for dancing to his song? Aaron's dancing is super. It's rubbish when you hear a song you like when you're out and in a bad mood. It makes the pain worse! But not as bad as those saxophones in that song.
Tom's silent disco was quite amusing. They were probably playing the Macarena again.
Jay's crying disclaimer: normally he'd do anger, but he's being forced to do emotion thanks to Ofcom. At least that's what he'll tell his mates.

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