Monday, 7 November 2011

Big Brother 2011 - 500 quid. 500 quid. 500 quid. 500 quid.

How does Louise know the moves to the macarena, too? Is there some class I missed at school? I think Aaron missed it, too.
Oooooooh Louise is pissed off about Jay fucking a 'ladyboy'. It's not just Aaron who walks on that wild side, is it? Plus he said he did it by accident at first and then went out to do it 'because his mates did it.' He's cultured like that, isn't he?
Aaron is in macer-paina (sorry). They've already done this macarena shit! Zzzz.
Is Aaron deliberately trying to come across as the biggest shit on the planet this week? I wouldn't want a bag that cost £2,000. Jay: 'what's it made of?' Why is Aaron throwing a strop about this money when he's only got £990?!
They are only trying to get them to spend this money so there's a row about the 10K each.
Where's the Argos catalogue? I like Tom's hair longer. I think he knows there's a present in the offing. I like that red dress Louise has got on today. Jay is anxious about that cash! He doesn't feel happy! He's got his eye on that bigger prize.
I'd rather not have a cake than eat those ingredients raw. Powder gob!
I wouldn't like to be wrapped up as a present. Claustrophobia times. What's the catch with this present task? I don't get it.
Louise: 'we've spent £500 each on your presents'. Mercenary bitch! I'd rather you hadn't bothered. I can't believe she said that! OMG she said it again. You can see Aaron is about to explode. He's accepting those thanks, though.
Aaron: bad feeling harbinger. He's clip-clopping across that kitchen like a troll o'er a bridge. 'It makes you look really bad.' I can't believe he said that. If he said that to me, I'd go fucking mental at him. I'd rip his fucking head off. He is really pushing his luck.
Jay is stewing. But I can't blame him! I would have strangled Aaron to death by now. Birthday guilt trip! Who IS in the right? Who's side am I on? No one's!
If Louise really just buying that present out of the kindness of her heart why does she keep going it's 500 quid! 500 quid! Yes 500 fucking quid, we get it.
Alex looks like a fairy under the Christmas tree. They are nice shoes, though. How much are they again, Louise?
Aaron's come to wish you a unhappy birthday! I like the way they've got all the lights strobing, very nice. I've not noticed that before. Is Aaron eating a sausage on a stick?
I think Aaron is actually trying to get Jay to punch him. That's my theory.
I don't like Louise and Jay making snide remarks at Jay. Just come out and say 'you're wrong, I don't agree with you.' Get it over with.
Louise is coming off particularly stupid and shallow tonight. Jay: 'hand on heart I will not say a word to Aaron for the duration.' I've heard him say that before! How long before he speaks to him? I give him five minutes.
Jay stop bitching like a little gorm and go have it out with Aaron. Oh you can't because you'll punch him.
I'm sure Tom and Alex don't mind being 'used' when they get loot out of it. Aaron is like judge, jury and executioner. He should be the new Judge Judy.
I don't like strangers being referred to as 'randoms'. It's snobbery!
Oh Aaron. Your kamikaze gameplay continues. And still I sort of want to vote for you. And I don't know why...

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