Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Apprentice: Haggle Rock

Sunrise at the Gherkin. Beautiful.
Girls vs Boys. But which is better, etc? Come on girls. They've not got Stuart Baggs, so that instantly makes them more appealing.
Jamie, don't invoke 'live by the sword, die by the sword'! Did you learn nothing from Nick Bateman?
What is a silva 'tikka'? Is this like a joke where they send the work experience kid to ask for something that doesn't exist? You will find the hallowed turkey-monkey and bring it back for Sugarlumps to feast on raw! Bhahahahaha!
I work near Hatton Garden- exciting.
WTF is this tikka thing? It's driving me mad. Ah, it's like indian head jewellery.
God this task is so fucking BORING.
I'd go to All Saints for the showing machine, they've got millions in there. (Don't invoke the memory of Kris!) Kris who? Be glad if you've forgotten.
The girls are getting thrashed on prices. Will Baggs ride again? I can't stand haggling, it makes me cringe. The girls clearly can't either.
I can't stand Baggs OR Chris. Posh twats. And I like posh people normally.
See her whip that pen off that dude? What a nutcase!
The boys won by £70! LOL. Baggs has actually been half bearable today. The treat is a trip to Eurodisney. Never have I seen such an illustration of the words 'Gay Paris'.
I wonder if Liz will go. Seems a shame if she does, she's a lot nicer than Russian Doll and that hard-faced blonde one. Her eyes look too big for her face, but in a good way.
Alan: 'I'm sure you'd know the price of Louis Vutton bag or Chanel glasses'?! Sexist fucker.
That blonde one is annoying. I think he's going to ditch her. She was quite shirty with him too.
Russian Doll is 22! She looks older than me. Oh he ditched her. I didn't see that one coming.
Ooh bitchiness at the end. Laydeez! Put down your shoes, handbags and diet tips and play nicely.


Ossian said...

If they'd ruled out lying the boys (er, fogeys) would have not conned their way to that.

Ossian said...

Haggle Rock. Hah. Nice one. If you ever need a job there's a Ferrari and a six figure salary waiting for you at the Willesden Herald. ;)

lightupvirginmary said...

I'll take it! :)

lightupvirginmary said...

What is a showing machine, I ask myself

Anonymous said...

Having picked up three fines for unpurchased items, there is no way the boys should have been anywhere near the girls, let alone win. But with the exception of Joanna, all the girls negotiated extremely poorly. Ultimately, they deserved to lose.

There was no way Sugar was ever going to fire Stella. She had won 7 out of 8 tasks before this week, which entitled her to a get-out-of-jai-free card. Laura has been lucky to survive this long. What did she actually do in nine weeks, other than secure NO orders as PM, cry a bit, whinge a lot and then back away from every decision which might backfire on her. She was a complete passenger throughout - which is kind of ironic, given that next week's task involves buses ...