Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Apprentice: Have a taste of my eels

Alright! Is this over yet? No? Grr!
Tonight they are becoming tour guides on open top buses. I always wonder how much it costs to go on those open-topped buses. London is shit! I feel sorry for tourists. They must be so depressed once they get here.
Cockney tour! I'm thinking of the cock-up jokes already.
Why is that girl who's name I still can't remember speaking to Jamie like that? Boo. She's being a harridan. Oh, Jo. That'll never stick in my head.
LOL to the jellied-eeled salesman. He looked very unsure about giving it the Cockney patter and his buddy basically called them a Cockney-ist.
Stella gets on my wick. Hope she fluffs it this week.
Jo: 'you're scaring me!' Is she serious?! Threatened! I'll show her threatened. I don't approve of that tactic whatsoever, it makes me ashamed to be female. What purpose is there in acting like that? Nick won't like it. Alan won't like it. Jamie is a threat; but it's not in the way she's saying.
This 20% thing is going to bite Chris. The guy's eyes lit up when he offered that.
OMG- 'have a taste of my eels'! That's the biggest laugh I've had all night. Baggs FTW.
What's a 'Muriel'? Perhaps she's thinking of Muriel's wedding.
OMG Jo is soooooo belligerent to her clients! She is aggressive! She's a psycho. She's gotta go.
OMG Jamie's tour blows. The river Thames sucks.
Haha Baggsy trying to nick Jo's punters. He is truly odious. Telling them to call the police! He knows how to ingratiate himself.
Imagine being the public being torn between those two groups! Ugh. I'd rather go round the back of KFC and try my luck with the bin lorry.
OMG Jo is going to garrity! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.
Do you actually get to see any ghosts on the ghosts and ghouls tour? That's the only way it could actually be worth 25 quid. It's cheaper to go to Alton Towers.
Stella's tour looks like it's of London crack dens. Is this a Banksy? No, it's just some criminal damage.
I'm fed up Jo's team won! She was acting like an absolute animal during that task.
Don't want Liz or Baggsy to go. Lordy didn't even have a go at Jo about her 'you're threatening me' bullcrap.
I wonder how long Baggsy's been practising that 'one trick, ten trick pony' line? OMG I can't believe that speech saved him and Alan chose to save him over Liz. Honestly, you really get the workforce you deserve.

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