Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! - Coming Out

You may have noticed I stopped writing about I'm a Celebrity, because I got proper bored with it. Janice should have won, although Biggins was a legend eating the testicles. But Janice's fake crying as a vote winner for me.
I thought this show would be awful but it was actually quite interesting watching what all the parters got up to whilst the anti-celebs frolicked in the jungle. The whole Marc Bannermann thing looked like more of a farce than ever: his girlfriend looked non-plussed and it all looked SO staged. When he was watching it on telly going 'oh god...' You were THERE! You DID IT. Div.
John Burton Race's partner was a bitch. Katie Hopkins' partner looked too good for her (although not much) and called her 'gorgeous'. Lynne's partner seemed like a drip. Lynne was more of a cunt than ever out of the jungle, courting the paparazzi and slagging Rodney in front of his daughter. Then kissing his arse when he came out! What an embarrassment.
Did I need to see John in the bath? No.
Anna Ryder-Richardson, wake up! You ARE DULL AND BORING! Do you need Katie Hopkins to tell you this? Hollyoaks Mute came out and went 'want chocolate!' Dur-brain. Sink back into obscurity, chav. You have less personality than Anna Ryder Richardson.
I couldn't bear to watch that bit again where Cerys looked over her shoulder for Marc. That was a proper cringefest. It sucked he didn't show. What a prick. Total humilation on TV. I can't believe she sold her story either. I could have wept reading it, it was so embarrassing. Let Chantelle and Preston be your warning! And not just in matters of the heart.

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Shep said...

I was bit worried it was because of yr new best friend on the comments...

I think you're great, anyways x