Saturday, 1 December 2007

X Factor: 'I thought the eyes were great'

Two songs each tonight so twice the pain. The show kicked off with Rhydian, who our house-guest described quite accurately as 'that Swedish-looking freaky little gnome thing'. I think the dancers were wearing sunglasses so they didn't have to look at him. His suit was OK though. He did his usual singing. He'd be good in the theatre but I'm not interested in him as a pop singer.
Hope managed to achieve the almost impossible task of singing worse than the Spice Girls. I don't like it when they put the leery one up front- stick to the skunk one.
Niki did 'turn around Bright Eyes.' Wind machine! She was wearing a tent. I just turn off my brain when she's on. She's unlikeable.
Leon did Queen too- yawn. Was it an AIDS theme his week? He did his stupid puppet thing again, I can't even watch. And a waistcoat too! Horrific. Lucky he's still cute. His future will be one crap swing album, then onto the obscurity bus. Blah.
Same Difference wisely made the girl not sing much. The brother can sing. When the doors opened behind them I thought they were sending the firing squad in but sadly, it was a bunch of gap-toothed kids. Puke.
Second song: Queen again! I thought Hope did much better. Even the tranny one sang in tune. I thought it was good fun. Much better than Five's version, haha. I do hate that fucking song though.
Leon's second song was much better. I like it when he stares moodily down the camera lens. He does have something in his eyes that Rhydian doesn't have; it's called sex appeal.
Same Difference sent the fear of God through me by mentioning the words 'family disco'. I like Wham but they did murder it somewhat. Niki did Sting! Don't tell anyone but I like that song. She sang it alright actually. Simon was wrong. Shame on Louis for digging up the dead dad. Poor show.
Rhydian finished the show by singing another song with no tune. Outstanding? I don't GET IT. He has the cold dead eyes of a snake. He says nothing to me about my life. He also looks angry when people criticise him. Take it on the chin, Welsh boy! 'I love all British people'. I don't!
It's a shame Hope went. I quite like them! Oh well, they should have worn their underwear again.


Anonymous said...

You are a sick, bitter, fuck and your so-called blog is as devoid of interest as your brain appears to be of original thought. Worst fucking blog I've ever attempted to slog through. You say Rhydian's eyes are dead? Judging by your weak-as-water critiques and rancid tone, I would imagine yours resemble two black marbles reflecting nothing.

Sheesh Kabeesh said...

You bitter, evil, small minded person...did I read you correctly...did you just say, "I LIKE WHAM..."

You should be ashamed of yourself

* (asterisk) said...

See you've got another fan here!

Once again I watched only the recap bits. Thought Hope and Leon sounded the best.

That creepy brother/sister act need to get a room and fuck each other. Creepy cunts.

Rhydian is a weird freak, and I just don't get him. A piano teacher frioend of ours loves him, says he has a great voice. Maybe, but it ain't pop. She also liked G4, so 'nuff said.

That woman with the dead dad. Blurg. You like that "Fields of Barley" song? Are you insane?!

Seriously, though, how do you watch this?!

lightupvirginmary said...

'I would imagine yours resemble two black marbles reflecting nothing.' Well that's true, but I DID had a heavy night. I love hate mail! It makes me feel like I've truly made it. Keep them coming. (Mr Blister, is this your alter ego? ;-))
Anyway... I only like Freedom by Wham really. It was my favourite song when I was 3 and it stuck a bit.
*... that is the only bit of Sting I can stand. I can watch it because it is mindless. I like not having to think. It's televisual anesthetic.

Anonymous said...

"I love hate mail! It makes me feel like I've truly made it. Keep them coming."

Yes, and then sometimes hate mail is just what it is--hate. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing whatsoever to do with making it. But then, why should I spell it out for you? I'm betting you've had more experience being despised in life than most people.

lightupvirginmary said...

Ahh did you come back for more??? How cute.