Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The Secret (Asian) Millionaire

Oh yes. The only decent thing on TV at the moment. Hankies at the ready. Today followed Mo Chaudry who owns some water parks in Britain and has 60 million pounds. His parents moved from Pakistan when he was a child and he has basically disowned his Pakistani roots and married a white woman. He even looked quite white, really, with bluish eyes. Not that I'm accusing him of a Jacko style cover-up. He went to stay in 'the curry mile' in Leeds with the cover story that he was 'reconnecting with his Asian roots'. Which of course is what he ended up doing. I was surprised he admitted to being prejudiced about his own community. Not something you hear that often.
The millionaires always go and stay in some flat that looks like the kind of flat that I'd live in and go 'ERGH!' Hey ho. He then went and got a job as an assistant at a gym. He also helped out at the local radio station and someone rang up and abused him for marrying a non-Muslim. Charming.
One thing that annoys me about these millionaires is they are always like 'I did it, so why can't you?' Don't they understand you have to have a hell of a lot of luck to become a successful business person? Fair enough, they've grafted, but it's not like everyone could do it, or everyone would, wouldn't they? Some people don't know how. Some people have other hopes and dreams. it's not that simple.
There was something less heartwarming about this weeks show than normal. The causes didn't seem as worthy. The shop radio guy- like I care. He only trusted you cos you had a fuck-off camera with you. Aw- the 'brothers' comment nearly made me crack though. I wish white people had some sense of solidarity or community. Or do I? I don't know.
I felt like Winston (the gym guy) and his girlfriend were almost begging for money from Mo, something people never normally do. Had they sussed him? But I did cry at the final hurdle when Winston cried. He was speechless.
You got me. You always do. Next week I want to cry from about halfway through though.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. we know Winston and girlfriend. Not the worthiest of winners ever

Anonymous said...

Winston is safe, nice to see the cpt haters even make it to the internet.

Anonymous said...

i cried to at the end like big girl..its a great can't help to pull at the heart strings..unless Scabber's story was a tissue of lies I thought he was very deserving