Monday, 12 February 2007

The Verdict- My Verdict

Who would let Stan Collymore and Jeffrey Archer on a jury? Is Sara Payne expected to be impartial on a rape case? Isn't the whole point of a jury that they are meant to be? I understand this is a TV show, but it's still firmly UN-reality TV.
I found the show deeply depressing. The rape testimony was very well acted and I found it upsetting. The girls on the panel took the liberal girly view. Collymore and that bloke from So Solid Crew took the side of the footballers (shocker!)
What have I learnt? Stan Collymore has an extremely annoying voice and won't keep it shut. He doesn't let anyone talk. Alex James, the pig-murderer from Blur, said fuck all. Is he being paid to be mute? That girl from Brookside also has an annoying voice. Jeffrey Archer stands too close to people when he talks to them.
What do I think so far? Are they guilty? I've not got a clue. Is this entertaining? Kind of.

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