Saturday, 17 February 2007

The Final Verdict

I had to watch this in dribs and drabs as I couldn't watch it every night for fear of topping myself. As I suspected after day one, a 'not guilty' verdict was the final result. Not because they thought the men weren't guilty- but because they couldn't 'be sure they'd done it'. How can a jury ever be sure? It's one person's word against another, no wonder so many rapists (if even reported) get off. It wouldn't encorage me to go to court in that situation, and get my life picked over in minute detail by barristers with very annoying voices.
But I too would have had to say 'not guilty'. Even though in my gut I felt they were. Which is pretty horrible (even though it wasn't real). Is this 'justice'?
Ps. Stan Collymore and that guy from So Solid Crew are both cunts.

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