Sunday, 25 February 2007

The Killers: Wembley Arena 25 Feb 07

I went to see The Killers last night and it was fucking mental! We were one row back, slightly to the side and proper crushed. We seemed to have the Narcoleptics Society on a day out in front of us, which was interesting, they were all snoozing on the barrier, but to be fair, that was when Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were on, who managed to be both dreary and dirgy. What a rubbish support act.
The Killers came on to a projection of Americana images on a massive white screen, with dramatic keyboards to whip us up into a frenzy, which eventually turned into 'Sam's Town' and a great swimming pool-sized bucket of red white and blue glitter was dumped on our heads . This was extremely exciting, I felt like I'd just won Millionaire or Deal or no Deal or something, despite most of it seemingly going down my top. The set was really cool, with skeletons, lots of crates, neon signs and fake grass, as well as tons of pretty lights and flags.
The atmosphere was AMAZING; the last person I saw at Wembley Arena was Morrissey, who quite-rightly inspires incredible passion, but The Killers were SOMETHING ELSE. Morrissey can be a bit mean with the hits at times, but The Killers belted them out one after another: they literally have no fillers. Everyone was going crazy! I've waited so long to see The Killers and they did not disappoint. Little Brandon was running round the stage, sweat dripping off him, standing on boxes and waving his microphone stand around with more enthusiasm than I've ever seen him deliver. He really did give it his all. I was really really pleased that they played 'Bling' and 'Why Do I Keep Counting?' because I'd been waiting to hear these live, and they were fantastically loud, singalong tracks. But the crowd loved the oldies and Mr Brightside' was rightly, riotously recieved. By this time sweat was pouring off me and I would have sold my granny for a Diet Coke. In my pre-show preperations of determinedly not drinking so I wouldn't need the toilet, I had overlooked the fact that we were virtually standing in the mosh pit two hours later. Oh well. It was worth a dry mouth and a sore throat from singing/ cheering.
Finally, when they did All These Things That I've Done it was good I felt like I was going to puke.
What an atmosphere. The Killers are a truly first-class live band. Definitely the best gig I've been to in 12 months; better than Patrick Wolf AND Morrissey and that is saying something. And I've still got Bright Eyes to come next month!
I could really die happy after this year. Nothing can beat the high of seeing bands you love at the top of their game.


Anonymous said...

nice review, i wish i was there. "bling" and "why do i keep counting" are my least favorite songs in the album but i've been hearing a lot that those songs sound absolutely magnificent live.

lightupvirginmary said...

Those two and 'the river is wild' are my favourites on the album!