Sunday, 18 February 2007

Freaky Eaters

I've been looking forward to Freaky Eaters since seeing the ad for it, and tonights one about a guy who was addicted to crisps was a story close to my own heart. I've been a freaky eater since I was about three, only eating about ten different foods in the world (Ive never eaten any vegetables or anything from a tin), so I found myself getting quite emotional watching this guy's story. The poor guy's wife basically held a gun to his head and made him give up his only food groups of crisps, pizza and chips. The weird thing was how SKINNY this guy was! How come my diet isn't keeping me so trim?
I could relate to so many things in this show, the fear of going out to dinner, packing crisps instead of food to go on holiday, and being labelled a 'social misfit' by friends, family and strangers. I understood everything he was feeling as the evil nutrtionist made him eat a strawberry. I could feel every gag as she enforced a pea on him. Yet 95% of the country were probably thinking, you absolute freakazoid.
Its a funny thing having this kind of neurotic eating disorder- is it about control, safety? Psychologically it's an enormous battle to change 20 or 30 years of deeply-ingrained habits. And by the end when they made him have a sit down meal with his extended family, he still wasnt fully 'cured'.
So is there any hope for me? Gawd knows. I was told by a nutritionist when I was about 10 I'd be dead by the time I was 18. I've probably eaten enough crisps in my life to climb to the moon and back. I'd like to be 'normal'. But, as Morrissey knows, there's no such thing.


Un-chained said...

I am so glad you watched this, I thought of you when I saw the advert. You arent a freak, but I am sure its in your head and you can get it sorted. Its not that you genuinly dont like the food, it cant be because a lot of it you havent actually tried before.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

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