Thursday, 22 February 2007


Despite being NEARLY THIRTY my boyfriend seems unhealthily obsessed with MTV American-teen programmes, Date My Mom, Pimp My Ride, Shag my Girlfriend etc. OK, not that one. And then I find myself watching Punked and teens getting plastic surgery. It is strangely comforting.
So the latest one we've been watching is Next, a kind of speed-dating show where they say 'next' if they don't fancy the dim-witted reprobrate before them. The girls are slutty and thick and the boys are full of bluster and mainly retarded. Yet still it is compelling. Why? I have no idea.
I'm jealous that all these morons in these programmes are so thin and rich obviously have no clue about geography or politics or sarcasm. But Christ. They are so fucking shallow. I can feel my brain-cells evaporating just watching this shit.

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Un-chained said...

Have you seen "House of Carters" I fucking love that show. It makes me feel normal.

Watching some kind of tragedy unfold is comforting because it makes you realise how good your life is.