Monday, 20 June 2016

Big Brother UK 2016: Romeo and Juliet: the magazine deal

Have you noticed the warning is shit now because Marco isn't in anymore? BORING! Also, I must mention the slut shaming Holly and Phil gave Marco on This Morning. Holly actually said to Marco: 'How will your children feel about seeing you potentially with a woman who's not their mother.' WTF? The weirdest part of that sentence is like Laura WOULD be the future mother of his children. The second weirdest is worrying about Marco's imaginary children when he's twenty one and he did FUCK ALL. The third weirdest is the thought of Marco's children watching back episodes of Big Brother. Like that's gonna happen. I hate Holly, she's such a fucking prude. Phil is not much better.
Haha Andy is sleeping with a little teddy. Is that part of his colourful sex life? He says he's 'not looking forward to aggravation and conflict.' Don't lie, you little bitch, handwringing in the DR. Andy think the others deserve immunity more! I hope they win then he goes. See how he likes it then.
When Ryan shouts at Hughie I just want him to go doolally at him. Ryan is no Nadia, is he? Jackson: 'You ever done cocaine off the floor, fam?' Depends how clean the floor is. Big Brother house floor, no chance. STREET KIDS. Is smoking addiction comparable to cocaine addiction? We need a guinea pig to find out. I nominate Marco.
Ryan and Hughie make me laugh despite myself. Hughie makes Ryan palatable.
Jackson vs Hughie is hilarity. What a lot of hot air. 'WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU SHOUTING AT?' I love Hughie standing on a pouffe to seem more intimidating. Why bother getting angry at Hughie kicking off? Alex: 'Get out of my face.' Oooh, Alex speaks and he's aggressive. No surprises. Can we say Danny Wisker? Hilarity. Getting upset about Hughie going off is like shouting at the moon. Hughie's natural state is shouting and pointing. Sit back and enjoy.
Jackson: 'You're aggressive.' It was your vein popping out, fam.
Big Brother: 'Do you think an argument this close to the task is good for team harmony?' Haha. Hughie in the diary room is amazing. I actually think Big Brother have found a unique housemate in him. I didn't get him for a few days. But now I think he's my winner pick. I love how they make up so quick, it cracks me up, fam.
Grab the orb task! they are pitting Jackson against Georgina! Haha. This task looks dangerous. Looks like a good recipe for broken bones. Takeshi's castle! Ryan vs Andy's gay on gay action was hilarious. Got quite nasty there. They are proper strangling each other. This task is funny. It's like a cheap task, like the ghetto task redux, but works. The way they picked the pairs was good.
I'm loving Laura's lipstick tonight. CHIC!
Jackson is on his perch in the DR. 'Are we Romeo and Juliet? Their firms wouldn't let them be together so they just fucked them off and got together.' AND THEN THEY DIED. He probably didn't get to that bit. His Lady and the Tramp storylining is tedious. I still find him attractive though, which is annoying. Those cheekbones, sigh.
Chelsea can 'break people's arm with one finger.' Who to begin with?
The main housemates feel protective of Jason. Even Evelyn feels strongly about this. People are twitching about the bed situation. Don't blame them.
So whichever side wins is immune. I already know which side wins. And I'm happy about it.
The key hidden in the balls is like Jeff from BBUS and his clown shoes, isn't it. FIX. LOL. How is Jason going to unlock padlocks with those sausage fingers?
Yay the main house won. Hopefully we can get rid of Jayne, Natalie or Charlie.
Charlie is a MEGA bunny boiler. *sexist* She's playing mindgames from the off. Jason is shitting a BRICK. The others are joining the main house. *screaming etc*
Georgina: 'You're such a loser.' to Jackson. Ha. Lateysha matchmaking. Jackson; 'If I was there you could whine in my ear.' That's my kind of fella.
Aw to Ryan and Hughie jumping in the pool. Natalie is MIXING straight away, haha. I love it.
I actually really feel for Jason trying to manage this situation. Charlie is a firecracker. Jason: 'I've said you've got a slight anger problem.' Hahaha. 'Well, you've always wanted to live with me.' Good one.
Natalie: 'Hughie has been calling you a slag and a slut' to Lateysha. OMG that is bad. You shouldn't come in and say that, you should let people make up their own mind about people. Strong gameplay, though.
Jason is hiding in the DR from Charlie. He is like a war torn veteran on fireworks night.
Lateysha is upset with 'Whoey'. 'How can you judge me based on the show I've been on?' Er. That's what my entire podcasting and blogging oeuvre is based on. I MISS MARCO.
Jackson is pushing his storyline too hard! STOP THAT. I do like seeing him all smitten in a way, though, ha. Swoon. I'm so mixed on him.
Jason is on bed watch. Charlie doesn't mind top and tailing. I think Jason does. Charlie is going to fight for him. He will 100% get back with her, whether he likes it or not.
Natalie's shit-stirring is quite a joy to behold. Is a tattoo of a sheep really the mark of a 'slut'? I don't see how.
Hughie admitted he called Lateysha a slut! Haha. At least he admitted it. I'm glad she confronted him. I liked his 'as a traveller, I'm used to being pre-judged' deflection.
Hughie swore on his mum's life he won't react to Natalie anymore. OK then. *Looks at watch*
Does Georgina even like Jackson? I think she just likes the attention. Mind you...
Jason's 'I've got your back' is not the same as 'I want you back' is it. I reckon he'll want to nominate Charlie but he'll be too scared they'll show it. *Evil cackle* Charlie has Big Brother brain x 1000. I don't think she'd be interested in Jason if they weren't on TV. Charlie is a moody cow. 'It's FINE!' It's not fine, is it?
What was Natalie just eating in bed? Looks like she popped a cotton ball in her mouth.
Georgina: 'I'm expensive. I love shoes and bags.' UGH. I don't remember than in Romeo and Juliet, do you?


Unknown said...

That was some massive thing that Natalie decided to chew . Marshmallow or something .
Jason stood he's ground with Charlie .
There's too many potential showmances - Georgina & Jackson, Ryan / Hughie & potentially Sam
Charlie & most likely Jason , once they get drunk or something .
It should be face to face nominations this week but I feel they be lame reasons for some of them .
Natalie went for the kill of Hughie. Seems she's obsessed with Hughie. Maybe she going to get the main housemates put up Hughie.

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