Thursday, 23 June 2016

Big Brother UK 2016: How can you be so rude?

Lateysha's little bitch (pictured)
Another SHIT warning at the start of the episode, two weeks ago there would be a plethora of warnings, nay, a smorgasbord, all down to one annoying man. Sigh.
It's the morning after the dull Natalie blow up where she did NOT hit Laura (I rewatched the tape!) Lost respect for Evelyn yelping, 'She hit her!' Evelyn clearly did not grow up in my family home or hometown. Otherwise she'd know what a hit looks like.
Natalie being dramatic and won't apologise. Natalie doesn't swap spit with ANYONE (cos she's the least sexy). Natalie calling Evelyn Laura's 'sidekick' haha. 'You're a greedy bitch, you mean nothing to me.' Laura: 'How can you be so rude?' Well.
Andy is doing his usual 'I'm above all this' routine in the diary room. He wants to go and dream of Elizabeth the first. I want to dream of a time when Andrew and Marco were still in the Big Brother house and I actually gave two fucks. Pipe down, Andy, no one cares.
Oh god, this brain task is rotting my brain.
LOL Andy is being revealed as calling Georgina a bully! This is the type of shitstir I like. Why are they showing Evelyn saying Jason has a heart of gold? Boring. Oh is Charlie watching? Evelyn is dead meat.
Haha, Laura calling Sam 'Lateysha's little bitch.' At least Laura said sorry. Laura is growing on me, you know, despite looking like she's wearing golf gear half the time. Sam's mouth is agape. Sam: 'I'm not Lateysha's bitch.' Haha.
Did Natalie just say 'two faced as Spock?' Ooh it's gonna kick off. Charlie: 'You don't know Jason. You've known him two weeks. I've took you under my wing.' Charlie is a DESPERATE for a storyline. Fake crying! Showbiz.
Laura and Evelyn are easy targets for nomination now. Two more women who will go over handwringers like Andy and Sam, pathetic little penguins that they are. Lateysha is being annoying too. Sam will 'forgive but not forget'. Pious, much?
How come Georgina isn't digging Andy out! Looks like they're written her out of this episode via airbush, like they did with Andrew. How does he get away with saying the 'bully' word? I even heard Rylan said it was a 'strong word' yesterday, lol.
Charlie remembering all the happy memories with Jason. Meat feast pizzas, Snickers... and then all those months he spent trying to get rid of her.
Emma is such a non entity, she's is GUARANTEED to be there in final night, sat beside human borebag Alex.
Laura and Evelyn crying in the DR, haha. Diary weep! Laura correctly used the word ostracised and then corrected herself. Ugh. I LOVE this, I think it's hilarious. It's so unfair as everyone bitches in the house, only a couple got shown, then only one thing gets focused on. Laura is now giving Evelyn a DR pep talk. I do kind of like these two, just cos I hate everyone else.But a two person alliance isn't going to work this early.
Sam and Lateysha with Natalie slating Hughie. Ugh. Sam: 'He proper pecks my head.' Tough! These are the same people who were so aghast at Laura and Evelyn bitching about them, go figure.
Jason: 'At the moment no one's feeling awkward.' Except all the housemates and what few viewers are left.
Lateysha hates people who call her a slag or a slut. I LOVE IT. Lateysha needs to pipe down. How come we never saw Hughie call her that? I like Hughie's parrot tshirt, it's a chic from me. In fact, I like his whole look today.
YAY a riled Hughie in the DR. My favourite. Hughie doesn't like the 'backbiting.'
Sam: 'I think Hughie's false as shit.' I love Jayne defending him! Then Jayne and Natalie started arguing. Haha. What a pair of hags (sorry, sexist).
OMG at Jayne in Natalie's face! I would have knocked her out if she'd come that close to me. 'Whore!' 'Takes one to know one.' These are like GROWN women. Quite grown. I love it when a housemate gets thrown out of the diary room mid- flow. Classic BB. I admire Jayne sticking up for Hughie but the way she went about it was insane. She's tapped.
Charlie: 'Why aren't you cuddling me, Jason?' Because he doesn't fancy you. MOVE ON. Move along, nutbag. 'Why can't we enjoy our time in here?' You know why, Jason. You won't do as you're told. YOU MUST SUFFER.
Lateysha giving Hughie a thick ear. This is not a good look for Lateysha in more ways than one. You should dress up to give someone a bollocking.
Not sure why that finished five minutes early. Maybe they ran out of footage. I've definitely run out of blog jokes, so fuck you very much, Big Brother. Thanks for reading!

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Unknown said...

I didn't enjoy much of Thursday show . All I saw was some people arguing .
Charlie should cool it with Jason. Obvious he doesn't love Charlie like how Charlie loves Jason.
Natalie likes stirring a lot , right or wrong but the way she does it is not the best way (IMO) to go about it .