Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Are the prisoners them or us?

I'm having a bit of a funny week at the moment so do bear with me. Mind you, if you're still bearing with this show, you'll bear with anything, so I've got the right audience here.
LOL to Lauren accusing Abz of nominating her when he didn't! Passive aggressive, much? Has she got him confused with Mario? Abz laughing as she walked away. Why DIDN'T he nominate her, more to the point?! Ha, she also accused Louie. God, I'm glad I'm not inside her head.
How come Lauren gets to go into a secret task room again? She was already in the cult! Well, we thought Chris Fountain was going in, and it looks like The Phantom is in there as 'Mr Big' (isn't that some dude from Sex and the City)?
The housemates giving up their food... yawn. Who cares if Screech hid peanut butter? I'd gladly give up Alpen. Ugh, Alpen. Why is Mario moaning about him? Competition? Why are Carol and Mario getting so upset about the peanut butter with the way they go on all the time? It's peanut butter, it's not champagne.
Lauren's mum is more diplomatic than Carol? That wouldn't be hard. Mr Big is my new favourite housemate. I hope he slaughters the lot of them, starting with Bruce, then Carol, then Louis.
Chicken feet for dinner. Sophie's been in the jungle, she must have eaten a testicle or two there! I can't watch people eating normal food, let alone this crap. This episode has BLOWN so far.
Ha, Courtney has to give up her bunny and her clothes to see her husband. Sounds fair enough. I think they've done this to make Courtney shut up about wanting to go home. Bet she still doesn't shut up. Courtney doesn't look that bad in her boiler suit. They make them wear a humilitard on BBUS. She is shallow. Aw, that was kind of sweet when she saw her husband, even though I thought she was a bit frosty towards him. He seemed pleased to see her at least.
I don't remember Saved by the Bell. Am I missing much?
I think I want Abz to win now?! WTF. I did like Mario but he's been quite snippy tonight. Courtney is too shrill. Lauren is too Misery. I don't like floaters but I hate everyone so much, it's really hard to champion the 'characters'. This is the closest I've ever come to just giving up watching.
Janice is right - watching live feed is a torture. Is Carol really spinning the 'there's starving people in the world' line? Dear me. This is one of the worst episodes of CBB I've ever seen, and that's saying something. I'd like to headbutt that 'broken glass' right now.
Courtney to Abz: 'What part of me made you feel like I was superficial?' Where shall we start? She's being really annoying tonight, which is a shame, as I rather liked her before. But she does think the sum of her parts is a pair of boobs. It's sad.
Why on earth isn't Lauren flushing the toilet after her? Gross. This is the most depressing series of CBB ever. It's like watching Banged up Abroad. Except I enjoy Banged Up Abroad.
I'm this close to throwing in the towel.

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