Thursday, 12 September 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Battle of the blands

My friend and I were reliving the highlights of January's CBB today. 'I'll show you a horrible bastard!' 'My England, my kryptonite...' 'Do you even kish, mate?' And so on. Can you quote something memorable from this series? Which housemate is your favourite? Exactly.
Was Carol sleep talking? Wasn't she? Who cares? She says a lot worse whilst awake.
Abz: 'I don't know what's going on in this house.' You don't say. There's an art to avoiding other people in there, and he's mastered it. Hats off.
Why is Carol apologising for sleep talking! That's one thing she can't control. Apologise for being so horrid. Carol is an old nag at the fence.
LOL to Big Brother giving Carol a warning for sleep talking nomination talks. That's funny. Apparently you're team Vicky or team Carol. I'm team 'can't stand either'. They are both chippy, unpleasant old women.
I think Abz has been on the David Icke DVDs. Abz is reflecting back the negativity in his crystals. I'm not into crystals. But whatever gets you through the day.
Malv 4 isn't a very catchy band name. Not a very catchy song either. It's not exactly Ulrika and Verne, and although I thought that was nonsense at the time, looking back, it's like TV GOLD.
The Jumbles seem a bit more lively. Their song has a tune, too. I think Abz is twitching cos Louie wrote a better song than him.
Eviction time. Still sore that Courtney went, she was lush. I feel embarrassed that the English people she got to meet were these arseholes.
Ironically Mario did a blowjob face when Louie got evicted. Shame it wasn't that prick, instead.
LOL to Charlotte going 'down it!' with the champagne and everyone ignoring her. You're not in Geordie Shore now, young lady!
Abz to Charlotte (hopefully): 'We might never see each other again.'
I really hate these fake awards they do. Who cares? Is Charlotte really the funniest housemate? God help us.
Sexiest housemate... Mario? I'd take Abz over him any day.
Carol got biggest villain, ha. The villain! Bhahahaha. I saw the REAL villain, Anton, in Ewell today. Think on.
What is that dress Charlotte is wearing tonight? It looks like a teepee. I thought she'd won 'most annoying' housemate, but it was 'most entertaining'. This doesn't bode well for the win. OMG to the knickers and boob flashing. She truly is an animal. Carol and Vicky were loving it.
Ha, Lauren won biggest gameplayer! Is this a PR exercise for Charlotte, or what?
Abz is reduced to having to hang out with Mario now all his real friends have gone. I can't really argue with Carol saying Abz isn't entertaining, because the things he's done that have been entertaining, Carol hasn't seen.
Charlotte was not annoying AT ALL in the Diary Room, was she?! God, please don't let her win. Anyone but her, well, except Carol. My boyfriend put a fiver on Lauren early on and I think he gets £50 if she wins, so I say, vote Lauren!
Are Carol and Vicky bonding now?! Don't talk to the cameras, Janice. Didn't they teach you that on Corrie? Tomorrow it's all over. I can't say I'm sorry. But I'm sure I'll miss it.

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