Sunday, 14 October 2012

X Factor: the results (Afghan drowned)

Gary Barlow can't even do a smile when he comes out on stage, the miserable oik. Perhaps it's because he's had his jaw wired or something? It's probably those spiteful fat-free meals he eats that leave a bad taste in his mouth.
I don't know what this song is they're all singing, but either it sounds tuneless or they do.
I think Nicole enjoys this show more than the viewers do. She's got her 'leery old aunt' chip in. So tonight I'd be happy to see the back of Christopher Maloney, District3 or the afghan hound as they're outdated and get on my wick. I hope Tiger Lily wasn't watching the afghan murder one of her dad's best songs. She's suffered enough having to live with Bob Geldof and Peaches.
I hope Lucy goes through, I hope MK1 goes though, and Rylan. James and Ella are a given. I hope Kye goes through as I thought he did good last night and he got a hard time.
Rebecca Ferguson. The most boring popstar since Leona Lewis. She's got a lovely voice, but she's just not my bag at all. What's with the fright-wig? She's beautiful, but they've done her up like a sub-par Lady Gaga. She looks better dressed classically and singing a soul number.
Chicken wings... what the fuck? Has someone checked Nicole's medication? She could be about to go postal like Robocop.
Every time I see Taylor Swift I just think, when will she have her teeth fixed? She must have the money. Another pop drip.
Yay, Rylan isn't in the bottom two! Fuck you, Barlow. I'm really glad Kye got through.This is the perfect result.
So it's District3 vs the afghan. Why is Louis giving them Bryan Adams to sing? All they've ever done is old fashioned, cheesy songs. They are so duff but I'd still rather save them over that screechy old crow. Let's see if she can get through one song without screeching. Urgh, she's shouting again. Get off my screen and back home to the bairns.
Yes, Tulisa has opted to send Melanie home! What is it with Dermot, he's being very strict this year. He's doing a Steve Jones.
Deadlock! I think Melanie will go, who on earth would vote for her? Is Gary going to stomp off again? LOL Gary's lost two of his acts in two weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd lost the lot in a fortnight's time. I have no clue why he ever put her through in the first place. Her voice was like nails down a blackboard. She seemed to take losing well. Gary is so out of touch with what's popular. He's like Louis; fumbling round for his faculties, and then just seeing Rylan's face looming up at him in the dark. Sweet dreams! 

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