Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Soap blog: Warning- Eastenders only so may cause depression

Happy new year! Enjoying Eastenders? Me neither.
I usually like to liven up my soap blogs by alternating the brilliant Corrie with the tragic (and I don't mean that sympathetically) Eastenders. But there's no Corrie tonight, so let's do this.
Firstly, I think the dead baby swap storyline is completely tasteless. Dead babies are bad enough, but we can't just have one grieving couple, we have to have two, because it's Eastenders. Eastenders has gone from bad to worse for the past 12 months, but normally it's just appalling acting and boring storylines. This crosses a line into something that might actually affect people who've had a baby die (and please stick your helpline up your arse, n'all).
And more to the point, why can't Ronnie have a happy ending? Why can't ANYONE? Argh, I need to stop watching this programme, but it's harder than giving up Zopyclone.
How did Kat get so pale so quick? Does she apply that orange stuff daily? WHY? So many questions. No reasonable answers.
Jack looks haggard. Bet he wishes he'd stayed away dancing. Even being in close quarters with Anne Widdecombe would be preferable to this all-out misery-fest.
One good thing about this storyline is it's shut Kat and Alfie up and stopped their pathetic, overdone hammy acting for a few episodes. I can't stand either of them- I wish the pair of them had been incinerated along with their wardrobes back in 2001.
Syed hasn't been seen in months and when he does turn up him and Christian are arguing about a kiss that never even seemed to happen. Why can't they be happy? Why can't anyone be happy? Except Auntie Kim. Make her less happy. Invisible, even.
When is Kat going to take her hospital gown off? Aw, that was sad when she was sitting on the swings. I'm very weepy right now, and this isn't helping. Uh oh, Alfie's making up stories of how the baby died. Kat's going to think he killed him next.
Ugh; how long are they going to drag this out for? They should send us free Valium with our TV licence.

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