Thursday, 20 May 2010

Junior Apprentice (Don't stop the beat)

I'm a day late with this because I forgot to put it in my plan-argh yesterday. Sowwee. AND I saw who got the boot on Digital Spy.
Cheese puns should have stopped at 'grated'.
Mudshoot (chute?) City Farm sounds like something out of a depressing film. Camping. I gave up camping after my tent got trampled at V. Sleeping on a crate under a tinfoil blankee once was enough for me. Let me never set foot in another Millets again.
My camping invention would be a sound-proof bubble with a telly in it: aka my house.
Is Brighton home to 'festival going enthusiasts'? It's certainly home to some genetically modified seagulls.
Why do these children want to go to meetings and sell things? It's not right. It's creepy. Also, some of them look like tiny children, and some look like adults. It's unsettling.
Their ideas are peculiar- you can see they've never been to a festival. I went to one when I was 14. Rock n roll. What IS that cardboard thing? They have overcomplicated things.
My boyfriend has just suggested 'Shower in a bag' which is actually a human-sized face-wipe costing a tenner. I like it. That's copyrighted, by the way.
That cardboard thing is a monstrosity. It looks both cheapo and pointless. The sledge thing is duff. You might as well just use a regular sledge, they're only about about a fiver (in fact you can probably get them for about 99p in the summer).
It's Sugar time. How can something so sweet look so sour?
I've been to that tree top walkway in Kew Gardens and it was RUBBISH! Kew Gardens is BORING. There's no animals. I'd rather go to the zoo. Or to Alton Towers. Or to Florida.
One of the girls is allegedly 16 but looks like an extra-depressed Tina off Corrie and about 25. There's a dowdy little mouse one but it's really all about Zoe with the lips. She's a teenage Terminator.
Don't kick out the little wide boy! He's sweet. There's tons of dead wood and duff characters. I don't like it when they kick out my faves. Ditch the worsties! I think Alan likes him.
Alan: 'you wasn't a good team leader'. And that wasn't very good English.
Ooh, he pointed this week! Glad he didn't get rid of Adam. I think Hibah was a scapegoat a bit. But sometimes you just gotta bleat.

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Ossian said...

The amazing thing about it was one of the stores order 1,000 of the sleds. That has to be one of the biggest achievements even in the adult one. Adult - what am I talking about? How that kid didn't get fired is just a whole drama in itself. I knew when Sraln, sorry Lrdaln, said "you wuz" that he was going to save him. He was back in the mean streets. He only saved him because he knew it would destroy him and Hibah paid the price for weeping in the first show. She was actually far ahead of him.

If God knew how we suffered he would send an asteroid now to end it all.