Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Film: Four Lions

I watched Four Lions last night with my one friend in Brighton at the very cool Duke of York cinema. At least I hope it's called that- I'm writing this on my phone so can't check.
Four Lions, in case you don't know, is Chris Morris's latest baby: a comedy about some Bradford-based terrorists threatening to blow up the London marathon.
On the whole I very much enjoyed it: the cast were good, particularly the main dude (wikepedia this ain't) and matey bloke from Phone/facejacker. I like facejacker bloke, he's fit and pretty talented. My boyfriend and I can't stop laughing a Brian Bedenday even though it's not actually funny. But putting B at the start of words is just somehow very childishly amusing. I digress.
Oh, and amira from Eastenders is in it doing a bad northern accent and seeming blissfully happy about her husbands plan to blow himself up.
I thought the film started strong (the terror videos etc), sagged a little in the middle, and then I felt genuinely excited at the end. It's funny how you can find yourself half rooting for a loveable terrorist, yet still feel horrified when they run bomb-laden into a crowd.
The relationships are what made the film, and the love between the two brothers was the crux. It was quite moving (if wholly unrealistic) when hero-terrorist went to say goodbye to Amira and said 'i'll see you on the top floor'.
There were lots of LOLS- Alton Towers, sheep & crows to name but three. Chris Morris does miss the mark from time to time and sometimes I think his jokes are a bit duff but I'm sure he'd say the same about me, if he was one of the dwindling amount of people who actually read my ramblings. Anyway: I'm getting a lovely new netbook so i can blog on the train (the commuting is killing my creativity somewhat) and plan to blog my socks off over the last BB so stay tuned.
PS. Don't be offended by four lions. It's silly and sweet.

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