Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Apprentice: Potential banana skin

Last week I read an interview with Alan Sugar-tits in which be bragged about how much money he's got. Crass! And spare me this 'previously on The Apprentice...' crap; it's not like some great drama we need reminding about. Previously some idiots did something dumb and someone got fired. There. Can I have my five minutes back?
As for the 'their arseholes are going to be twitching like rabbit's noses' comment (sadly not said by Alan); so blatantly scripted; it's hardly something that springs effortlessly to mind. This is what I hate about this show now; contrived, contrived, contrived.
Words to fear people saying: 'skill-set.' Words not to call old people 'biddies'. So, what do I hate more than work? Ah, exercise. Alan set them a task to create a piece of home exercise equipment 'as we can't afford to go to fancy gyms'. Can't be bothered, more like. One guy suggested inventing 'something you could incorporate during sex which creates resistance whilst you're doing it.' What, like a rape victim?
There was a piddling race row in the middle involving 'The Ethnic Minority Sportswear club.' It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? The one with a face like a shovel got a bit fiesty but nothing really happened. Does it ever?
One team created a space hopper for the arse, and the other invented some gigantic torture machine. The arse-hopper was a hit. The hobby-horse; not so much.
Glad to see Alan picking up on the '110%' plague. I still don't know any of the names, until they get fired! Tonights victim was beardy bloke because he did fack all.
The end.


* said...

I'm losing my mind over the first 5 mins of recap. Makes me kuhrazy.

Ossian said...

heh. makes us realise the waste. 5 minutes we'll never see again.

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