Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Apprentice: I am just a Patsy

Here we go again. Sandwich making this week- riveting.
The women's project manager, down-turny mouthed Yasmina: 'Every day I execute delivering cooking'- not the finest example of English you'll ever hear, I'm sure. Let's hope she cooks better than she can string a sentence together. Ah. They bought a bunch of value food, then she demanded everyone call her 'chef' whilst they cooked. Their food was described as 'looking like coming from a funeral at a working men's club' by one of their own team! Enough said.
The men meanwhile dressed up like twats for no apparent reason. You'd think the guy who runs sandwich bars for a living would be a shoe-in, I mean Alan might as well have given it to him on a plate (do you like my Apprentice-style cliches?). Yet still, they lost.
Who do everyone's eyes look so BLUE in the boardroom? Alan quoted one of the numpties as saying, 'When I wake up in the morning I can taste success in my spit.' Yum!
Haha at Alan pronouncing resume wrong. Why not just say CV, thicko?
Shame Rocky went, but if he can't do a task which is basically doing his own job, what CAN he do?
In conclusion; the problem with The Apprentice is the whole show is just one cunt sandwich. Still not enjoying it! Will still watch it to the bitter end.


Ossian said...

"I am wearing a toga and carrying a tray with a crisp on it." haha. I haven't laughed so much for about 2 months (which is sad, too much work).

definitely fired the wrong one. should have fired that motormouth obnoxious boor.

* (asterisk) said...

"Cunt sandwich." Is that something like a fur burger?