Monday, 23 March 2009

Sexy Video Alert! Patrick Wolf- Vulture

I don't normally post videos because y'know, I like writing and stuff, but this deserves it's own post. I seriously woke up this morning and thought I'd dreamt it. Why can't all popstars get naked and bdsm-ed up for my viewing pleasure? It's mind-boggling!
Patrick Wolf - Vulture

PS. I reviewed his recent gig here, so it aint all salacious perving (but mainly it is, I have to admit).
PPS: I don't like this song that much. But I liked pretty much all of the rest of the new ones I've heard, and this is the best video since The Killers 'Spaceman'.
I salute you, Patrick, for saying fuck you to the mainstream and just going all out fetish-wear crazy. You're a gorgeous, talented freak. Hurrah!

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