Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Film review: Twilight

I watched Twilight at the weekend, mainly because my best friend is obsessed with Robert Pattinson; I mean, the books! Personally haven't read the books this film is based on, but everyone loves a vampire, don't they?
This film is very much in the vein of Interview with a Vampire, i.e. a literary love story rather than a gore-fest. A lot hinges on English actor Robert Pattinson's performance and sex appeal; if you don't like moody, skinny white blokes, then you'll probably not be fussed. I love moody, skinny white blokes, so I was quite happy. Robert plays Edward, who lives with his anaemic-looking family and doesn't mix much with the other kids at high school, until Bella arrives in town. She is almost as pale as him, quite indie, and fancies a bit. And why not? Edward positively smoulders throughout the film, as much as you can smoulder when you have to avoid the sunshine. He is a most unusual-looking person, and he definitely has something very compelling about him. He is perfectly cast in this film.
There are two aberrations from usual vampire rules; these ones CAN go in the sunshine, but they glow like they've eaten too much Ready-Brek. Also they CAN die; but they have to be ripped to pieces. Nice.
Talking of the glowing, some of the special effects in this film were rather... speci-a-l, as we say, when things are none too special. The bit where they climb up the tree was rather cheapy; I've seen more realistic blue-screen on Torchwood (not really, I wouldn't watch Torchwood if you paid me). But it didn't really matter. The big fight screen was effective, and the film was beautifully shot in pale, twilighty tones, that set the mood from the get-go.
Almost everyone was good-looking in this film, including the baddie vampire, who I quite fancied. It was fast-paced and interesting throughout, and my friend says, fairly loyal to the book.
Things were left very much open at the end, leaving us eagerly awaiting the sequel.
Is it for teenage girls? Maybe. But so's Josh Hartnett, and I like a bit of that, too.
Wipe off that fake tan and join the emos.

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