Sunday, 29 March 2009

Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Ulrika Jonsson

Was interested to watch this after Ulrika's peculiar Big Brother win; just what was so good about her? Whilst I defended her through John Leslie-gate (mainly due the the fact I liked her in Shooting Stars) she did seem quite hard to like during the three weeks in Big Brother's care.
That 4x4 joke is pretty gross; and would never be applied to men. Ulirka does herself a disservice by laughing at it. It's not against the law to have those children or to sleep with different men, or even to have affairs. She shouldn't have to justify her sex life or offspring to anyone.
Piers said Ulrika will always be defined by her 'men'; but at least she does chop and change, she's not like a Leslie Ash figure stuck in a destructive marriage. She didn't stick with Collymore; did she, thank god.
It was a bit sad when she was talking about her childhood and her mum leaving; my mum also left me in the charge of a lacklustre parent.
Interesting about the rape; that she ended up in hospital afterwards (sadly, some people need to see the bruises to even believe it is rape). People will always hate her for never saying if it was John Leslie (although her silence when he was named says everything, of course). She's still sticking to that party line; I suspect seeing what happened to him (the other women coming forward) gave her some sort of vindication.
Stan Collymore: Piers, kicking a woman in the head does not make you a 'complicated man', it makes you a thug. Proposed after two weeks? Red flag! I think they must have cut out some of the more interesting parts of that conversation, as the subject moved onto Sven. Shame; she could have said something useful about leaving a bad relationship like that.
Her gloating on Sven/Nancy was a bit gross; he's hardly a catch, is he? Most of the details of her relationships were heavily glossed over or seriously edited out.
Big Brother not even mentioned! What the fuck. She is a cold fish; but there is something brave about her. Still; that doesn't make her entertaining. Just intriguing.

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