Friday, 13 March 2009

Live: Patrick Wolf at Heaven

Ahh, Heaven. Memories of vomit, trannies and dancing dating back nearly ten years now. But I'd never seen a band there. I thought it might be a good venue for it though, and I was quite right.
I was so excited about seeing Patrick Wolf. I love, love, love Patrick Wolf so much; he's just totally original, so incredibly talented, and seems like such a genuinely nice person. I have seen Wolfy live a few times, (KOKO, the Astoria, a pub garden) and I can honestly say I have never seen him so CAMP as tonight! Leather, braces, shorts, arse-slapping, thrusting; it was all there. He came on stage with bizarre wings/ giant shoulders, making him look about fifteen-foot tall, and he's pretty tall anyway. He was also wearing some not-misguided leather trousers which showed pretty much EVERYTHING, which was a nice treat for the girls and the gays alike. I love the fact he puts on such a show; he has such great energy, mad style, and is a true artist. Morrissey said recently some people 'just are art' and whilst that sounds utterly pretentious, that applies brilliantly to Mr. Wolf.
The show started really strong; the songs from the new album sound absolutely amazing; and he also did Tristan, which is obviously a huge crowd pleaser, and I enjoyed his chickeny outfit. I think the show lost focus a bit about halfway through; there were just too many new ones; which I fully expected, but I haven't heard the new album yet and I think the crowd was a little restless. I felt he was a teensy bit self-indulgent, but that's also a little unfair because I know I will easily fall in love with all these songs, and if I went to see him live again in three months I'd probably feel quite different.
Patrick has two modes of song; screechy, crunchy technoey yodelling pop songs, and heartfelt, pretty piano-ballady ones. I think he kept on the right side of the line, but he could have done with throwing in Don't Say No or A Boy Like Me halfway through and I would have been set for the night. He did do Bluebells, and Accident and Emergency which is obviously brilliant but I felt like he was coasting a bit during that one. He had taken his top off by this point though, so can't complain.
The show definitely picked up again two thirds in. I can't WAIT to hear the new album. Hard Times sounded so fucking good, the new songs sounded really lush and epic and theatrical and overblown and just fantastic, really. I just wish I could have sung along.
After the encore he came back and did a very 80s/Gary Newman style song (Vulture?) and he did Magic Position which I thought he might not do, but was very glad to hear. That song cannot fail to make me smile, it's the happiest song ever. It's just the best, poppiest love song and should have been a massive hit. My boyfriend says it's too twee, but it isn't! He finished with Bloodbeat, which was well-needed and just the perfect rave tune.
Patrick Wolf is amazing live; an true artist, and his voice has never sounded better than tonight. He put on a great show and I love seeing him throwing himself around the stage, he really does belong up there, and he felt perfectly matched with Heaven.
If you don't know Patrick Wolf; I'd seriously recommend buying Lycanthropy or Wind in the Wires. If you want it more poppy, then most accessibly, The Magic Position. Then put on your glitter and go see him live. A life without Patrick Wolf is a life left wanting. Truth!

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