Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Jesus Camp- 'Warlocks are enemies of God'

And about as real.
OK, so I'm a week late but that's the beauty of Sky Plus. I can watch this brainwashing crap whenever the hell I want. Woo!
So this show was about everyone's favourite nutter, the god-botherer. All that speaking-in-tongues thing is a bit scary isn't it? Is it like a license to talk bollocks and thrash around a bit? You can do that off half an E, so I've heard.
A 'children's minister' seems to be someone who shouts at children and destroys their innocence. Lovely. I think it's actually child abuse. She said she wanted to see children 'laying down their lives for the gospel like they are in Palestine.' WHAT?! That noise is an alarm bell ringing! Then Harry Potter got a good grilling. No, not for being shit, which he is, but for being a warlock (?) Had he been in the Old Testament, he would have been put to death. Luckily, both Harry Potter and the Old Testament are stories for the slight of mind, so the speccy wizard is safe.
Watching the children crying at her angry sermon was just delightful. How wonderful. I can't wait to get to Heaven and hang out with these sick fuckers.
Home-schooling is just another way for these people to indoctrinate. Oh my god, why do these people always talk about 'training' their children?!!! Sick bastards. Just love them and look after them and let them be children, they're not bloody soldiers. Make love, not war!
And don't even ask me what all that breaking cups thing was about, I have no bloody clue. As for the cardboard George Bush- well he can't do any worse than the real version.
And that anti-abortion guy. 'A third of your friends never got a chance to live!' I'm having palpitations just thinking about it. Gagging those children was seriously weird. Abort! Abort!
It's all about power. Power and anger.
Finally Christian music is the WORST type of music in the WORLD. Even worse than R Kelly.


Ossian said...

i don't know how you can watch them. religion is in the boring folder with the southern hemisphere, russia, nornirn, britain, motor racing, quiche, jonathan woss, prank phone caller shows, watchdog, location location crustacean, bertie ahern, top gear, boy and girl bands, cliff, zzzzzzzzzzzz

lightupvirginmary said...

I like all of these things!
'jonathan woss, prank phone caller shows, watchdog, location location crustacean'
Mind you, I am a heathen. :-)
I watch them cos I like getting angry. it's a good release.

* (asterisk) said...

Ah yes, I read this, but it meant little to me at the time since I hadn't yet seen the film. Now I have, so I know what you're on about!

Oh man, I forgot about that "some of your friends have been killed" notion. What a complete tosser. What a bunch of wankers. Aaaggghhh.