Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Apprentice: That's What I'm Talking About

That team leader guy was a bit full-on, wasn't he? I've never heard him speak before and suddenly he was all 'get in!' and doing impressions of an alarm clock and generally acting like the thickest kind of football hooligan.
That green mosque alarm clock was a bit tasty, wasn't it? I'm quite a purveyor of kitsch but even I'd turn my nose up at that.
Rafe was fucking amazing this week! Everything that came out of his mouth was like pure gold. How did his hair withstand the hot weather at the market? I love his snappy dressing too. He must win!
I still like Alex but only for his looks. He is actually a bit spineless. Still, Claire wasn't fit to pretend to be his girlfriend. She is utterly unbearable in every way.
I was very happy the ginge Jennifer went because she was an absolute wanker. 36? She looked 46. I liked the Irish Jennifer though with her garish lipstick and shirts. It was a shame she went.
Michael aka Nikki Grahame looked like he was going to blow towards the end. He was doing the proper sulky schoolboy act. I was glad he stayed though. He is a funny schmuck!
I thought Alan was being a complete arse this week, moaning at them for saying 'bonjour'. I'd have told him to fuck off, the prickly old curmudgeon. And he couldn't be arsed to fly to Marrakesh either. He's past it! Fire him.


Red said...

Raef is always immaculately coiffed, isn't he? He is genius.

I actually wanted Suralan to make good on his promise to fire "the whole bloody lot of them" because, as he keeps telling us in the intro big, he doesn't give a shit. Shame that the "good Jewish boy" got to stay. I hate his posture and his public schoolboy pout...

lightupvirginmary said...

so THAT'S how you spell Raef! Bhahahahaha. That one has been alluding me for 6 weeks now.