Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Dispatches: In God's Name (Barbeque for Eternity)

ARGH! Did you see Dispatches last night! (This is my professional beginning to my blog) Is it fundamentalist Christian month? Apparently sex is solely for pro-creation and not for ‘getting shit on your penis’ (charmingly put). Arghhhhhhhh! Then this guy lumped gays in with murderers and peodophiles! It's so cliched it's untrue! Fucking hell, what century are we in? Just shoot me now, I don't want to share a planet with these loons.
I loved that guy teaching all that old testament hokum saying 'I'm not a science specialist.' Or indeed, a scientist.
Then there was some other whack-job with no sense of humour who got shit on by a seagull. Isn't that good luck? He should be happy!
Narrow-minded, thick, ignorant, cruel, backward. All this and more is what these people are. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with people who believe in God, or whatever they like. My mum is a Christian, but she doesn't preach, doesn't try and recruit, doesn't pour poison in about other people's lifestyles. Live and let live. Was that in the Bible? It's pretty unlikely, isn't it?! More likely a rock song.
Why do these religious nuts always have those stupid megaphone things too? Do they hand them out at the brainwashing school?
The anti-abortion rally was a delight. If someone shouted baby-murderer in my face, I'd nut them. These people literally cannot see the wood from the trees, the fact that babies don't fall down from the sky, WOMEN HAVE TO GIVE BIRTH TO THEM. IF THEY DON'T WANT TO, THEY DON'T HAVE TO. So just fuck off.
Then they gave out tickets at a gay rally. The documentary guy said 'has any of your leaflets ever stopped someone being gay?' and he said... no.
Fucking hell! This is frightening. This bananas woman (who has parliamentary influence just by her sheer bloody-mindedness) said the world was 4000 years old! Then she got stumped when he questioned her on it. THICK! You're thick, don't tell me how to live, when you're thick as shit. Every time they were challenged, they were like stuttering children who'd forgotten their homework.
I actually thing this sort of megalomania 'it's all part of god's plan for me' is a form of brain damage, so perhaps we should pity them. It's hard though, when they are such nasty humourless people though, who are effectively insulting everyone I know (in factt, almost everyone on earth, including themselves) in one way or another.
Then there was this guy who had the word 'Jesus' stuck to his ceiling to stop him having a wank. He was 29 but looked 45. Isn't loving Jesus a bit gay anyway if you're a man? Is suppressing your desire for even the opposite sex healthy?
Then we got the Islam is a violent religion and all Muslims are the same spiel. And Allah is Satan! Lovely. Whereas the Bible is a fairy-story, right? Oh... actually it is. How ironic that they are accusing another religion of hate and oppression when that's exactly what they're peddling.
Oh my God, then these two blokes proper manhandled those pro-choice women out of he hall! I wish I'd been there, I'd have kicked their fucking heads in, and I'd have added a touch of glamour to the proceedings. It does make me want to go on a pro-choice rally to be honest, but I'd probably just end up ruining the whole thing by being obnoxious. I'd probably be arrested for decking Anne Widdecombe. That would be sooooo worth it though!
A vote to reduce the time limit for abortion to 20 weeks plays right into these people's hands, at will gradually erode our liberties as women. Look at America, for God's sake.
I do need to stop watching this shit. But I just can’t! I'm hooked.

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