Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Apprentice: That's What I'm Talking About (The Sequel)

The Apprentice without Raef is like the Daily Mail without the flagrant women-hating. But the fun factor is going to be dismantled further next week with the loss of Michael, part Nikki Grahame, part sulky school-boy from hell. He appeared absolutely shattered in today's episode, and in my opinion he messed up the task deliberately. I think he was ready to go. I'll miss his silly statements such as 'I abhor cars'. Cars ARE stupid, and who would rent one worth thousands? What if you wrapped it round a tree?
So who's left? Whiny, useless Lucinda, who needs her hand holding to go for a wee. Even I know what an Aston Martin looks like. She has to go next week, she's the worst team player ever. Lee didn't help though, treating her with utter disdain; he's a complete moron. He's relatively harmless, but just very, very thick. Surely he can't win it?
Alex- still handsome, still sneaky and dull in his Count Duckula coat. Alan will probably sack him next week and then there will be nothing worth looking at. Sigh.
Who else? Evil Claire: the smuggest face on TV. Just looking at her makes me angry, so it's especially galling that Alan quite likes her, but I wouldn't buy anything off her. She sounds like a bored receptionist giving you the brush off and is utterly insincere. I want to see her fail! I want to see her toppled, dammit.
Oh and then there's Helene, so boring I only learned her name this week. So she left a job with 'comfy carpets'. How often do you check out the carpet at work? I thought Alan was being a bit of a dick to her. So what if Michael was young, he was a buffoon!
PS. Alan, we know your chair is propped up on bits of wood, you fuzzy midget.


Ossian said...

On the follow-up program ("The Apprentice - You're Fired") (I know, I've got it bad) the entire audience held up "Hired" for Raif. They usually hold up "Fired". They booed Michael last night for admitting that he'd duped Raif. It's like the bloody Jacobites now, Bonny Prince Raif, heh.

* (asterisk) said...

Sralan has lost his fucking mind. But that stupid Michael should've gone weeks ago. Raef to win! Oh, well maybe not...