Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Am I Normal? Sex (If you've got it... flaunt zzzzzzzz)

I've recently discovered the BBC & ITV iplayer things, which has extended my crappy viewing habits into the bedroom (especially since I've become a Grand Theft Auto widow). So they were moaning about this programme in the Mail so I thought it would be good to watch. And it turned out to be quite interesting and to have some vaguely feminist thinking in it so I'm glad I did.
Dr Tanya Byron went to investigate 'cottaging' something I had a vague idea of but had mostly blocked out (it's sex in public toilets- and yes, it seems like a mainly male activity). She met a bloke who'd slept with 5000 men who basically said men were animals (I'm paraphrasing). Well, that's true. Then she went to meet some cunt from Loaded who talked about 'mens roles in the food chain' and said 'men just want pages of girls with their breasts out'. Luckily, I've never ever met a man who reads that shit, because I don't hang around with 14 year old boys. It was a lie when he said Loaded was to make men feel good about themselves, it's actually to make men and women insecure about their looks.
WHAT?! This Loaded model said she and her mum 'did feminism as a degree at university'. What bullshit. I'm not concerned with the 'message' Loaded sends out because it broadcasts it to thick-as-shit chavs anyway. Might as well give them what they think they want.
Next she investigated 'dogging'! (don't think of Phil Mitchell naked, don't think of Phil Mitchell naked, don't think of Phil Mitchell naked) I can't believe people do it in broad daylight! I'm such a prude!
Then she went to see a female sex shop owner who actually talked a lot of sense about how we're not really sexually liberated in Britain and how we live in an anti-feminist society. Dr Byron seemed to think it was impossible for a woman to sleep with someone without falling in love. Aww.
Not sure what the value was of going to meet children beauty pageant contestants and making her flirt with the camera... slightly dubious! It's all very well to complain about it, but you got her to do it! It's that dodgy tabloidy attitude of being disgusted by something whilst printing all the salacious details.
I was interested in the section about female libido and what is a 'normal' sex drive. I was scared of the peodophile section. I was even more freaked out that he had the same name as me. I was even more freaked out that he wanted to have a legal relationship with a 7 year old child. Gulp! He seemed terrifyingly calm.
Dr Byron just wanted to say all people's sexual behaviour was related to their childhood. Well there might be some truth in that but I don't think it's the whole picture. I think some people are just dirty bastards and some people are just sick fucks. But you know... there is no such thing in life as normal. (I've so quoted that in my blog before! I'm recycling my Moz quotes! It's all downhill from here...)


Ossian said...

Yeah, I saw part of that. When I see zombies shuffling in the trees to spy on parent-vengeful exhibitionists, I really think that they are all sick. It also makes me think that our society is paralysed, and this is the reason why the Islamists and other religious extremists won't stop. You don't have to join up all the dots, you can see the line from our corruption to mass revolt. The dumbells who are soldiers for extremism will think whatever they're told to think. It's their manipulators who must be impressed that they are facing people of some sort of honour. Then we can start to make peace. It's not about security, oil, Mecca, invasion, etc etc, it's all about half the world uniting to wipe out the other half, like a cancer they want to cut out. To make things better we have to step back, regain some honour, and then set about hammering out the cupidity and cynicism that thrives on the carrion of our dead society. I'm not saying go back to utter hypocrisy, just to establish a little bit of self-respect. These freaks are just taking things too far. They've gone from constipation to diarrhoea, to use a horrible metaphor, for their horrible condition.

That's what it all makes me think, anyway. Like all opinion, it might be completely wrong.

lightupvirginmary said...

I liked your angry opinion, it was good. 'it's all about half the world uniting to wipe out the other half, like a cancer they want to cut out.' This is true and will never change... ever.

* (asterisk) said...

Telly is rubbish. And the more you watch of it, the more it becomes apparent. Though I reckon you've missed a trick with BBC3's series exploring women and their sexuality over the past couple of weeks. (Was there one last night? Oh, I can't remember what day they're on. Maybe tonight?)