Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The British Soap Awards 2012

For my sins, I've blogged this for the last three years, but I only watch one soap now, Corrie. I'm so proud of myself for giving up Eastenders; there's only so many different ways they can insult you as a viewer before you have to vote with your remote. Still, at least this will be an easy way to catch up on what I missed. The only thing I miss about Eastenders is Christian and Syed. The rest can go fuck themselves.
And in truth, Corrie's been a bit duff lately, too. The always-brilliant Carla and smoking-masterclass-champ Peter are much underused in favour of the tedious interfering Stella (still not mastered that accent). Mary has outstayed her welcome by about 18 months. Julie and her boyfriend are pathetic. Eileen's boyfriend's lips creep me out and his wife is ridiculous (although the Tv smashing scene was hilarious). But worse is their appalling decision to bring back Terry Duckworth. He can't fucking act! He makes Nick Cotton look like Kenneth Brannagh. Tommy 'I'm not balding, it's the lighting, even in daylight' Duckworth can also go fuck a duck; to think Tina used to be with the lovely Graham and now has to put up with this pillock. Poor girl. Kevin and Sally: tedious. Sunita has had a personality transplant. Tyrone's girlfriend is a cow. Marcus, Maria and Sean: tedium. And you can't make Roy's mum Blanche just by giving her Blanche's lines. Soz. And as for Betty's week long send off; it made me want to drown in a vat of hotpot.
Jack 'the public are watching us!' Branning won sexiest man, again. I personally don't like men who look like the missing link, but that's just me. Syed would be my pick, I'll never forget how he looked on that horse on his wedding day. The fact they try and sell Tommy Duckworth to us as a hunk is embarrassing. I'd rather fuck his dad, Terry Duckworth; at least he'd probably do some decent dirty talk rather than staring at his own chest in the mirror.
Fucking hell, Keith Lemon just turned up, but it's OK, cos I'm 50 minutes behind so the fast forward is going to be on heavy rotation. Now he's groping Michelle Keegan (sexiest female). Lovely. One things for sure, she's too good for that one out of The Wanted who looks like he's permanently sniffing a fart.
I'm surprised the actress who plays Becky has turned up. Thought she'd gone all posh now with her dark hair and treading the boards and all that. It must be like going to an old work do, so fair play to her for coming. In fact, I think the correlation is clear: Corrie's gone down the toilet since she left.
Ace Batty might be one of the best names on the planet, after Mardy Fish, obv.
Frank Foster won best villain, which he deserves, because he does make my skin crawl. It doesn't help that he looks just like John Leslie, it adds that extra level of creepy. Frank thanked 'God'. Did God have a lot of input into the portrayal of a rapist? Weird. Carla looks absolutely stunning. I still have no idea how old Carla is. She could be anything from 30 to 45.
Wow, Emmerdale looks spectacularly rubbish. Hollyoaks looks quite good, that murder looked interesting, but I think I'm a bit old to start watching that, plus I've got no space in my planner.
Can't believe Tyrone's girlfriend won best newcomer, she's so annoying. I hope she makes herself useful and stabs Tyrone. Is she can't be bothered to do that, she can fuck off. I don't really have time for a 'man being emotionally abused by girlfriend' storyline, because it's just more grist to the 'women do it, too!' mill. 
Don't remind us how close Carla got to killing Stella. Why didn't she finish the job? Shit, this blog is making me think I'm going to end up stopping watching Corrie eventually, too. Perhaps I'll only ever watch high-brow programmes from now on. Well, until the Big Brother double bill in June.
I don't like Becky's brown hair! Brown is dowdy. Blondes forever! I know she's trying to get away from 'Becky' but she shouldn't have played her so well, then.
How could Hamster girl from Eastenders win best young performance over Simon? Come on now. No one can beat Simon. Simon's better than ANYONE in any soap.
Jerry Hall looks like a piece of old gristle. Tanya from Eastenders looks really nice. I always think she's from the same tribe as me, like Esther Rantzen's annoying daughter who's on Watchdog. You recognise your own tribe when you see it. I recognise the teeth and the boobs.
Pat Butcher is getting the Lifetime Achievement award, which I guess is fair enough. It's weird when you hear her speak all posh.
Billy's WIG! Ah, Ferry Penwick. Even Eamonn Holmes was taking the piss out of Billy's wig on This Morning the other day saying he looked like Joe Pesci. When Eamonn Holmes is digging you out on telly, you know you're fucked.
That Bradley Walsh thing was weird but Simon was too cute. I'd actually give birth if I could be guaranteed a Simon. And that's saying something. Unfortunately, I'd end up with an Amy.
Roy's mum won Best Comedy Performance. Really?
Dennis from Corrie! There's another person we didn't need back. Owen. Gary. Izzy. Chesney. God, there's almost no one I like in it. Norris is cool, obv, but Mary is dragging him down. He doesn't need a sidekick. Sidekicks are always, always bad. Just ask Tails.
I do think Max and Tanya are good in Eastenders, so I suppose I do miss them a bit. Max is another champion cigarette smoker; him, Peter Barlow and Becky should have a smoke-off. And he said 'many thanks'. I know I'll want to sneak a peek when Sharon comes back, but I won't.
Oh Christ, a Betty tribute. I thought we were done. Yeah, hotpot! Whatevs.
I'm glad Katherine Kelly won best exit (and I remembered her name). They gave her a good send off after ruining her character a bit.
Those (new) Moon brothers are the reason I stopped watching Eastenders. It was like Chris Fountain; ugly 'hunks' with no personality being shoehorned in. Simon Ashdown does write the good Eastenders episodes, so good that you can tell when he's written them. It's a shame the other writers aren't even nearly up to scratch. Just not good enough, I'm afraid. I'm sick of writers in jobs where they can't write! I edit a magazine for my day job and the stories that are always the worst written are ones written by journalists (ie. the ones I nick from the local press). Is being able to write even a qualification for being a journalist? It makes me want to weep.
Good to see Peter Barlow nominated for Best Actor. Remember that weird episode they did this year when he was in every scene? It was like he was teleporting across Weatherfield. I like it when the directors do a little in-joke like that, it's quite good, and creates a little Twitter buzz. Like when Jason and Tina went to a club and did pills, but it was never explicitly mentioned, but they were stroking each other and 'chilling out' wearing glowsticks and chewing their faces off. I couldn't believe what I was seeing (this was not a dream!) But Twitter didn't exist then, so I can't prove it happened. Oh, someone from Emmerdale won.
Hope Carla wins Best Actress, she deserves it. Oh, she did! Good. I thought the rape storyline was really good, until she had to start working with Frank at the factory again, as that was completely unrealistic and cheapened it a bit.
Why does Eastenders always win best soap? It's fucking dire. It's unwatchable. I'd rather Doctors won! Maybe this time next year I'll have ditched Corrie and I'll be a soap free zone. See you in 2013. Or on Saturday, for The Voice.

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