Monday, 15 February 2010

Reality: Celebrity Rehab

I downloaded the 3rd series of the American TV show Celebrity Rehab, mainly for Heidi Fleiss and I can heartily recommend it. I thought it would be pretty rubbish, but actually, it's compulsive viewing.
Firstly, it's fun seeing celebrities (or anyone) doing drugs on TV because it's a bit naughty. Secondly, the kind of celebrities who do drugs tend to be a bit more interesting than those who don't (to illustrate, Courtney Love is more interesting than H from Steps) Thirdly, these celebrities are under extreme pressure, so it makes for interesting TV.
I have no idea who most of these celebrities are, but obviously I knew Heidi (coming off meth!), who I like, and I also knew some arsehole off America's Next Top Model, who I remember loathing with a passion when she was a contestant on it. Turns out she was abused as a child, so that's why she was such a dickhead. And now I don't mind her! Also in there; some guy from Alice in Chains coming off heroin (the puke was just delighful) some country singer with big boobs who had a not entirely convincing seizure in the 2nd episode, someone off the Real World, some woman who was raped by her popstar dad, and a reluctant Dennis Rodman (who's been sent there by the courts for domestic violence). I hate Dennis Rodman, he's such a crap reality contestant because he gives you nothing, he's just front.
I'm two episodes in and they're about to put Tom Sizemore in there, who I last saw in a porno doing shitloads of coke with about 20 prostitutes (I can't remember where I watched that, but I remember a considerable amount of detail from it!) and having the time of his life, now he's like an husk of a man, totally broken and looking about 70, so I guess things caught up with him. And Heidi's his ex! And she's going to go mental.
Dr Drew, whoever he is, presides over the who thing looking rather serious, but I wouldn't say no to him being my doctor, he's got a steely sexiness about him. There's also some counsellor bloke who looks like Freddy Krueger on his day off.
It's basically like A Million Little Pieces with celebrities. All in all, it's a reality mix from heaven. Find it, watch it, get addicted.

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