Tuesday, 27 October 2009

TV: Dating in the Dark

I started blogging a serious documentary, but it was so damn boring, so I'll blog Dating in the Dark instead. Dating in the Dark is a high-quality TV show on Living (!) and each week three boys and three girls (the boys room has a football table! The girls room is pink!) go on dates with each other in 'the specially made' darkroom (I have one of those too, it's called switching off the light and/ or bedtime). There's only SO much you can do in the dark, so it usually descends into them having a cheeky fumble, which is quite amusing when they see exactly whom they've been a-fumbling with!
So they go on a couple of dates before deciding (or rather, the producers deciding) who's their 'best match' and then they... well, go on another date, before they get to see.
The best bit is the 'reveal' when they shine a light on the person they've basically fallen in love with and are imagining is some 6 foot Robert Pattinson clone but better, and reveal them to be a boss-eyed, jug-eared 'bubbly' dwarf. The smart bit is that they keep the OTHER person in darkness whilst the light is on them, so they can't see the other person's crushing disappointment. Then both must decide if they want to meet again for a date in the light, or if they want to escape sharpish via the back entrance. It particularly amusing when the person buggers off, as they have to walk right by the person they've stood up. Harsh.
This programme could be improved massively by not having new contestants each week, but by keeping the same ones for six weeks. Make them REALLY fall for each other, then there's some interesting drama there. At the moment we learn nothing except for what we already know; people are shallow cunts. Put them in there for the long haul, and let's see what they're really made of.
Besides, Dating in the Dark already exists. It's called internet dating. Come on, you don't really think he looks like that, do you?

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