Thursday, 8 October 2009

Rant Blog: No TV so why not get sexually harrassed playing scrabble?

Wednesday night is clearly the death of TV; with no soaps to fill the hole, I am left floundering, twiddling my thumbs. So I turn to downloading some dreadful Placebo b-sides (I love you, Brian) and playing Facebook Scrabble.
If you're a girl; just don't play a man. Every. single. time. Where you from? How old are you? What you doing tonight? How does Scrabble and sex go together? It DOESN'T!!!
I actually vowed not to play men any more, but sometimes those pics move fast and you click in the wrong one, so I give the poor bloke a chance. Big mistake. 99% of the time if I play a woman they won't speak. If it's a man, they always do. They just have to try their luck.
Tonight's guy was holding a baby, seems harmless enough. Silly me.
Do you have a boyfriend? Yes. Then he says he has a partner and a baby. Good, I think, no sex chat here. Then; 'do you live with him/ you look about 18/ are you alone tonight?' He fired so many questions at me! Who asks for that when they play Scrabble? But I feel rude when I turn the chat off and someone is just being friendly and not creepy.
This is a man holding his child in his profile pic. Then I said 'this isn't the site for that' and that was the end of the game.
It's not actually FAIR that women have to put up with that, when just wanting to play a stupid game. There's enough sites out there for that stuff; they aint that hard to find. There's even specialist ones for cheating bastards; so go join one of them, you creepy fucker.
No more men! It shouldn't be this way. I wish men knew just how much low level harrassment women have to put up with daily. Just comments and looks and bloody patronising, sleazy bullshit, and it's not fair, because they don't have to put up with it, we don't encroach on their personal space in this insidious way.
Thanks, I needed to get this off my chest! The silly part is, on Friday when you want to have a drink and could live without the soaps, they force hours of them onto you.


* (asterisk) said...

My Wednesday TV night goes:
7:30pm Nigel Slater
[8-9: Project Runway (record this)]
8:15-9 MasterChef
9-10: watch Proj Runway, recorded above
10-11:20 True Blood.

Looks like the best night of the week for me. You just have bad taste in TV

Ossian said...

I used to play you at Scrabble but I wasn't like that, was I? I (slightly) feel I have to put this on the record. Though I do remember playing silly beggars with the sequences of words and trying to make patterns on the board but I think that's at least a bit more creative.

by the way asterisk looks really scary. not like asteri(x)sk the gaul.

i hardly watch any tv. just Question Time and a bit of Match of the Day and perhaps bits of Channel 4 News or odd bits of party conferences etc.

i play music programs after on iPlayer as well.

i do watch bits of eastenders sometimes just to see if the script is as bad as ever, with people continually telling each other who they are to each other, as if they didn't know etc. and somebody in the Vic always saying "getttt outtttt". they all talk with cocaine huskiness too, like the early springsteen.

some people don't even have tv's these days - like the young couple who rent the flat we built here. there is an aerial point there but no telly.

lightupvirginmary said...

asterisk, project runway?! Haha. Is kelly osbourne still doing it?! bad taste...! Pot/ kettle... yes do have bad taste though.
Asterisk is not scary, he's just masquerading as such.
Ossian why dont you play scrabble anymore??? :-(
That couple probably just watch torrents on their laptop.

* (asterisk) said...

No! Project Catwalk is Kelly and is rather lame. Proj Runway is the US version with the far lovelier Heidi (I'm always pregnant. Always.) Klum. Must watch!

And I am scary, yes. Boo!

johnifer said...

Hahaha this post made me think of a little gem I found online the other day...

johnifer said...

I wonder if the rules he's devised are you lose, you strip; you win, you strip. hahha