Monday, 10 November 2008

X Factor- Dodgy Dealings

What is going on on the X Factor? Last week the Toby Anstis love-child Austin was cruelly struck down, and this week, little Laura was culled, after ridiculously prolonged discussion about her styling (er, it's not Project Runway). Something is amiss here; and I'm going to call out Louis Walsh as the instigator of doom. He always gets the last vote and he always, always fluffs it. The man is an idiot! He is not funny, and his snippy, squinty little jibes at Simon for the whole show were just pathetic. Louis; you are employed as Simon Cowell's kicking boy, don't you get that? You're not Cowell, you're not even Piers Morgan. You are beginning to look as shambolic as Pete Waterman. Give it up. I actually felt sorry for him when they ditched him last year, now I wish they'd thrown him in the canal and had done with it.
The vote should have been thrown out to the public. And why is Simon Cowell now squawking about losing Laura when he voted for Ruth? I think he believed Louis would pick Laura. And Louis fugged it. Badly. From the look on Cheryl's face, if I was JLS I'd be VERY afraid next time it's down to the wire. I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her judging from her past criminal record.
But it shouldn't be about that, should it? Revenge and grudges. It should be about the singing. And Laura did not deserve to go. Ruth is nice enough but she's never going to win it. Other people who should have gone before Laura: Daniel, Rachel, Eeyore, in fact, everyone except the other two girls (I'm not being sexist, the girls category is exceptionally good this year). Daniel must feel embarrassed getting the sympathy vote every week and must be bursting to get rid of that dye-job (even mine is looking better, and mine is pretty dodgy). Rachel is so horrible she even makes me feel sorry for Dannii Minogue.
I'm just really glad they didn't let Diana sing with a sore throat or she'd have probably been bottom two as well.
As for Mariah Carey; what a cunt. She really does make looking smug into an art-form.


Shep said...

Mary needs some Mariah time clearly...

Daniel Evans.
John Sargeant.

Destroying Celebreality TV (oh yes I did just say that) one day at a time.

Now go and rent I, Claudius or GBH...or even Weeds. Something.

(I really should just go to bed after the pub, not log on to the internets...)

Anonymous said...

If you believe the voting is fixed then simply DONT VITE,its all about money.
stop voting you fucking idiots!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Shep said...

Look at my first post...then look at today's Guardian.

Just saying...