Sunday, 23 November 2008

Special Needs Pets

Well I've seen it all now. A rabbit in a wheelchair.
I'm a bit late with this show, but it was recommended by a friend. My cat died the week before last and I wrote a poem about it (I know, but it wasn't as bad as it sounds) which had the line in 'I've never seen a cat in a wheelchair'. And my friend at writing group said, 'I have, they are on channel 4 tonight.'
Well, where else WOULD they be? And in the brilliantly titled 'Special Needs Pets'.
This boneheaded woman with the rabbit in a wheelchair (and a nappy) said 'we don't put disabled people down, so why do we put disabled pets down?' Because it's cruel, you dopey cow! Rabbits shouldn't wear nappies, or be on wheels. It's not fun for people who have to, but at least they have a choice (to an extent). So why inflict it on your rabbit (or yourself, come to think of it).
Also on the show, a parrot on Prozac. Is there anything sadder than a bird who plucks its feathers out (and is there anything creepier looking)? The parrot was grieving for it's owner. Parrots should be in the jungle, but anyway. Later there was an aptly named cockatoo called Trouble who has psychotic tendencies towards it's owner. Again, parrots don't belong in cages. Morally, I couldn't agree with keeping one myself and am not surprised they are all quite mad. We don't keep moneys as pets, do we.
There was another woman with a whole plethora of variously disabled cats. One was a 'bit slow'. Aw. More shockingly was a constipated cat who couldn't go to the loo without his owners help! For god's sake. Oh fuck, he had a nappy too. Give me strength. These people are nuts. You expect to change a nappy if you have a baby. I'm not changing a bloody hamster's.
Don't get me wrong, I love animals. I totally understand how much people love their animals.
My cat had toxoplasmosis. She couldn't stand up. So we gave her a cuddle whilst she was put down. In the majority of cases, these people should do the same.

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