Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe: Advertising

Dear God, how I'd love to watch TV round Charlie Brooker's house, spitting bile at anyone and everyone. We could be best friends, I know it! Take my calls, Charlie! Please!
Ahem. I liked last weeks show about Britainia High, and this weeks show about advertising. I liked seeing the ads for cigs and the 60s ads. I liked him refering to someone as a 'twatamaboob' and dissing Carol Vorderman for hawking loans to the Jeremy Kyle generation.
Easily the best thing on TV by a mile, and also my favourite columnist (although I'm crazy for American sex advice columnist Dan Savage right now too- his advice is amazing, surely he can't be in the paper over there, it's too filthy!)
But I digress. I even had a DREAM about Charlie Brooker the other night and he was giving me the brush off. Sob. I LOVE the fact he has Aisleyne in his show too, it's such a piss-take. I'm sure it pisses people off and that's why it's good. Know yourself!
People say CB is angry, and he is, but he's also just... right. About everything. And just funny, and a great writer. But he still looks like Max Branning.
PS. I know you're meant to but I fucking hate the poetry bit.

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