Thursday, 28 May 2015

Big Brother 2015: Clockblocked

I still can't quite wrap my head around this four way eviction. Is it madness or genius? It's definitely got me and my two friends who watch Big Brother (well, one friend and my boyfriend) talking. I can't even look on Twitter to see what other people think, but I can imagine people are going INSANE. It makes no live feed and the odd bit of outside contact look like small fry in comparison. Yet I am now in so deep with Big Brother than nothing shocks me. But now I feel unsure of myself. Should I bother caring about this person or that? They could be gone next week, in a puff of Showbiz.
Which brings us onto Aaron. I was one of the few (it seems) who likes Aaron and when I saw on the app a housemate had been evicted, my first thought was Kieran (no idea why, maybe I'm a closet racist? My girls at Sistah Speak, I'm really not, don't worry.) But no, it was my boy from Northampton. And believe me, it's not the first time someone from Northampton has been thrown out of a house. It's not even the millionth. I've seen it happen. So what did Aaron do? Let's have a guess that Joel is involved, and take it from there.
As time ticks by, get ready for sexual misconduct. Ok, so it didn't look that bad from that. Let's be honest, Aaron's no Conor. It looked like they were just messing about.
This hanging around task etc doesn't seem that interesting when you know half the house is on the outs for no apparent reason than Ted's whim.
How many times do we have to see Pranny saying he's 'just friends' with Sarah? Please God, evict him. I want Sarah and Kieran safe and twins, Chloe, Danny and Harriet to go.
When Marcus says the housemates have no idea what's going on, don't worry, neither do we, and I bet even Marcus reads his script and goes, WTF.
Not being able to read Twitter at the moment (I can't watch the BBCAN final until tomorrow) is KILLING me! I want to gossip about the twist and Aaron! I want to argue with people! I snuck a look at one of the evil twins Twitter today and they said a couple of days ago 'ding dong, the witch is dead.' Weren't there two witches in that film? *insert cackle here*. To be honest though, I don't care about this twist as I'm not invested in any of the six who are now up. If I was, or I'd put a bet on, I'd be FUMING. But then how many times have we wanted to kick four housemates out at once? Still, the way they did it is just weird and fishy. Shouldn't it at least be the nominated housemates for fairness? But then, but then. It's a deadwood clear out. But it's so EARLY! Argh, I just don't know. Perhaps we HAVEN'T seen the best of some of these yet? I feel like I hardly know them.
Also, on the blurb for tomorrow night's show it says four newbies including 'one familiar face' is going back in. It's gotta be Showbiz, innit?
I don't know what to say about this task with Jade and Amy in it. I can't be invested in it when a quarter of the house are leaving tomorrow. It's like on BBUS when they rewind a week. How can you care about that week? It makes people not give a shit. You play with people's emotions and just end up leaving them cold.
It IS good to be able to get rid of people who are sitting back doing fuck all, but then shouldn't it be a vote to SAVE not evict?
That was cruel putting that quote from Danny about Sarah in that task. Plus, who cares if they're both gone tomorrow? Who cares about any of this? I'm so puzzled. I don't know how to feel.
Jade and the twins making up is sickening. Jade without her nemisises (nemisi?) is no good. Then we're just back to meditation and her general big headed shit.
I can't cope with Danny. I'm gonna have to pay to evict him, which is annoying.
Nick has got a tennis court, a swimming pool and horse-riding stables. And they say he's not going to make a success of his life. He's like Jordan or one of her new husbands! He's made it!
Jack whining that he knows about the nominations. Lucky he doesn't know four are going, or he'd be twice as red in the face. Four times as red. Don't worry, Jack, there won't be that many people around to have a go at you on Friday. All your mates will be evicted.
So Aaron's demise starts with spin the bottle. Figures. It's normally a bottling in Northampton. Why am I always on the side of the sex pest? It's like Jeremy all over again.
Joel: 'I'd rather kiss Aaron on the bottom.' The others shouldn't hassle Joel to kiss Aaron, but the fact it's such a big deal to him says it all. Joel is very conflicted person and I don't think kicking Aaron out is going to help because he's going to blame himself (and no, it's not his fault if he did get sexually assaulted.)
Nick is journeying already. Dexter mistimed his journey and the rest was history. 'I'm a good person.' Dangerous words! Jack is so stupid, going 'trust me, you'll be fine.' You're blowing it.
Why is Joel in the bath with Aaron now, if he's too scared to kiss him? Joel checking with Aaron if he's got a boyfriend. Aaron is all over the place with Joel. 'Do you ever get lonely?' and how quicky Joel said no. This was just a car crash waiting to happen; a closet case and someone as out as Aaron. Aaron: 'Have you got any gay friends?' How does Joel not know any gay people? How can he come out if he doesn't know anyone like him?' Aaron: 'I've thrown you right in the deep end.' I'll say. 'That wine went straight to my head tonight.'
Ok so Joel is in bed and Aaron wiggles his naked arse at him. Big Brother should have called him in at that point! Nick went 'show him' and 'Joel loves it'! Argh! I do feel a bit sorry for Joel in his rotten dressing gown. Harriet was getting involved, too, pushing Aaron on Joel.
'Flashing his ding dong'! Dear God. The thing is, Joel does love it a bit. And not a bit. Joel did say 'Please stop it' and 'please return to your bed right now'.They are fairly clear instructions.
It's definitely sexual harassment, that's for sure. The others are all encouraging it, though. Joel has been a reasonably good sport so far. Couldn't Big Brother have gone 'stop that' like they do on BBCAN? They let it happen cos they wanted it to happen.
Joel was laughing but it was so awkward. I can see that he felt very awkward. Aaron must know he's a closet case. But Aaron can't handle his drink, that's the problem. plus Aaron thinks people are as open minded as him, and they're not. They're quite the opposite.
Big Brother left it WAY too long to call him. Aaron wasn't trying to do something mean. Big Brother let Aaron get in Joel's bed when they could see Joel was uncomfortable. They let Aaron basically mount Joel naked. 'You need to control your behaviour' is true, but also, Big Brother needed to control Aaron's behaviour, because Aaron was too drunk to control it.
I think Joel felt embarrassed. I think Joel felt a bit like what it's like to feel like a girl on the end of unwanted advances. And I don't think he liked it.
Aaron knew as soon as he was called in, he was in the shit. You can tell he was drunk as hell. I don't think Aaron 'offended' anyone, or the public, I think he humiliated Joel and certainly crossed the line, but I think he could have stayed.
Ah, Joel WAS the death knell in the end. I knew how Joel responded would sway it. He said, 'I felt really uncomfortable and I would have ended up punching him.' When he said his personal space was invaded that was true, but when he said 'I'm very comfortable with my sexuality as a straight guy' I'm sorry but that's a lie. Truth is, Aaron hit a nerve. Joel: 'I did nothing to welcome or entice that approach.' Except for have a bubble bath with Aaron just before. And I hate saying that, because I know he has them with Jack and Nick, but there's a different vibe with Aaron, that conversation they were having was different, it just was. And Joel saying his personal space was violated were the nails in Aaron's coffin. I think Joel did get a shock. I think Joel got a taste of how it is to be a woman, and I hope he takes that to Parliament with him. I believe him when he says he didn't know how to react. Sometimes you don't in situations like that. And maybe Joel does want Aaron gone, and this is a good excuse to get rid of him. And you can't really blame him. I know I'm contradicting myself every other sentence because I have really mixed feelings about this.
It WAS Joel who got Aaron kicked out. If Joel had played it down more, Aaron would have stayed. If Big Brother had stepped in sooner, Aaron would have stayed. None of the housemates thought Aaron was being inappropriate. But he WAS and to be honest, it only matters what Joel thinks, as the victim, I guess. Plus Aaron must know what the fucking rules are! Argh, how could be be so stupid? Why did no one in the house think to tell him to stop it?
Argh, it's a nightmare. I know people will call me a hypocrite. But it's NOT as clear cut as to say, well what if it was a woman? If a naked man was grabbing a woman, others would step in, but because it was two guys, everyone was laughing, so then the goalposts are moved somewhat, so you can't compare the two. You just can't. There were so many other factors at play here.
Was really sad when Aaron got kicked out. He knew he was getting 'Daley'ed.
BB should have 'intervened' EARLIER. As they should have with Hazel and Daley.
Aaron was genuinely sorry. 'I'm sorry, mum.' Aw. He didn't want his journey to end like this. I didn't either.
See you in shoe town, Aaron.

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Unknown said...

I liked Aaron in the house . Big bro didn't control the situation . They let it play out as if they wanted something bad to happen and it did big time .
It wasn't aggressive what Aaron did .
I thought when big brother told Aaron to go back in house then that would be that. I thought big bro would have kept him diary room for longer then he was, or maybe he was but didn't show all of it.
Yeah what Joel said nailed it for Aaron.
Aaron was genuine sorry as once he went back in house we saw it .
What's point of bringing in 4 new hm in. Well if it means to take out the boring ones then great.
Probably old hm going in , twins need to get the fuck out , they bring nothing .
Can't believe jade and twins fake pretended to make up. That shouldn't have happen.
I don't like jack much still.
Didn't see much of kieran . Was Eileen still in the house ? Why does chloe get much airtime in the diary room ?
Anyway I better not make this long . I wouldn't want to scare people off
Why oh why don't people leave comments on this , it's good to read and when possible to put a comment like I have .